Product Overview

ETAP offers a fully integrated suite of software modules that span from modeling to operation.

Transmission Network Planning, Analysis, Protection &  Energy Management System

ETAP Grid™ - Transmission

Transmission Power System Planning, Network Analysis, Protection & Optimization

Distribution Network Analysis, Planning, Protection & Advanced Distribution Management System

ETAP Grid™ - Distribution

Electrical Power Distribution Network Modeling & Distribution Network Applications

Power Systems Modeling, Analysis, Optimization & Operation Solution Industrial Facilities

ETAP PS™ - Industrial

A full spectrum suite of power systems analysis applications

Power System Modeling, Engineering Design & Analysis Software for Nuclear Generation Facilities

ETAP PS™ - Nuclear Generation

Power System Modeling & Analysis Applications

Some of the world's most advanced power generation plants count on ETAP to help provide reliable, clean and cost-effective power to their customers.

ETAP PS™ - Fossil Generation

Power System Analysis Applications for Power Generation Plants