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ETAP offers an integrated power system solution for design, analysis, real-time predictive simulation, and operation of Data Centers.
  • Low Voltage System Modeling One-line Diagram

    Modeling & Single-Line Views

    A one-stop solution with intelligent interface views and core capabilities to create, configure, customize, and manage electrical system models.

  • Power System Analysis

    Power System Analysis

    Integrated electrical design software for AC/DC systems including load flow, voltage drop, short circuit, and motor starting studies.

  • Protective Device Coordination icon

    Protection & Coordination

    Fully integrated Protective Device Coordination software for steady-state and dynamic device coordination, protection, and testing.

  • Electrical scada dashboard

    Power Management System

    Model-driven power management solution for continuous monitoring, predictive simulation, optimization, and automation of electrical system.

  • Microgrid Energy Management System

    Model-Driven Advanced Microgrid Solution

    Integrated power system simulation, planning, protection and Real-Time Microgrid Controller.

  • Fast Load Shedding System

    Load Shedding System

    A smart load shedding system must have the same understanding of the electrical network as the engineers who designed and analyzed it.

Key Benefits

  • Green data center optimization
  • Dedicated data center HMI & thin client dashboards
  • Power system management & control
  • Environment condition monitoring
  • Safety system monitoring & evaluation
  • Predictive simulation
  • Switching sequence & work order management
  • Load preservation & restoration
  • UPS system monitoring & control
  • Distributed redundancy & high availability
  • Real-time system reliability assessment
  • Critical infrastructure failure mode & effects analysis

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ETAP Digital Twin Solution for Data Centers

ETAP Digital Twin Solution for Data Centers

Smart Data Center Solutions for integrated power system modeling, analysis, and simulation have become critical in design and operation of Data Centers. Making proper design decisions early on during the system planning stages is paramount for energy efficiency strategies, reducing the total cost of ownership and improving the reliability of engineering and facility operations. In this webinar, we will present ETAP's Digital Twin solution for integrated design, analysis, real-time predictive simulation, and operation of Data Centers.

Critical Power Solutions​ for Data Centers

Critical Power Solutions​ for Data Centers

As computing requirements continue to increase, data centers are becoming a larger portion of the total world-wide loading. It is critical that the monitoring solutions for these data centers are intelligent in order to maintain a reliable, safe, and efficient asset. During this presentation we will take a deep dive in one such data center utilizing the ETAP eSCADA / PMS solution to achieve an optimal data center.


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