Planned Outage Management

Planned Outage Management

Planned Outage Management System

Outage Scheduling & Management
Planned Outage Management System is used by the Projects or Maintenance department to partially or completely deenergize an electric circuit.


Planned Outage Management Key Features

  • Encompassed aspects of planning, communications and performance of the work that  involve best practices related to outage management:   
    • Advance notifications
    • Management of power outage requests
    • Work permits
    • Generating switching plans to support the power outage requests
    • Status updates
    • Work order completion
    • Advance notifications


  • Notifies affected customers in advance so that they have adequate time to make appropriate decisions or alternate plans
  • Allows for field crew to communicate delays in planned work and assists in providing a timely update to the expected time of restoration
  • Allows for field crew to promptly provide notifications when their work is completed
  • Crews can submit preliminary information about changes made to the energized system, and close the associated work orders or tasks



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