Engineering Consulting

ETAP offers a comprehensive, integrated design and analysis solution for a broad spectrum of engineering consulting sectors:


    • Generation

      From Renewable to Nuclear, some of the world's most advanced power generation plants count on ETAP to help provide reliable, clean and cost-effective power to their customer

    • Transmission

      ETAP Grid™ transmission system platform combines detailed substation models, network topology, system analysis, and SCADA / EMS into one common database    

    • Distribution

      ETAP Grid™ offers an integrated distribution system planning and operations solution on a progressive geospatial platform for simulating, analyzing, operating and optimizing the performance of Smart Grids

    • Transportation

      Integrated power system network analysis and power management suite for diverse applications like marine, AC & DC railways and aerospace

    • Industrial

      ETAP enables intelligent situational awareness in all stages of an industrial facility’s life cycle - from original concept through specification, design, analysis, commission and in-service support

    • Low Voltage & Commercial

      ETAP offers an integrated suite electrical design, analysis, and protection software for low voltage installations

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