Ground Grid Systems Software

Ground Grid Systems

Ground Grid Systems

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The Ground Grid systems module enables engineers to quickly and accurately design and analyze ground protection. Flexible design methodologies allow for quick auto-designed layouts or very detailed schemes. Color-coded graphical plots provide impressive results.
Ground Grid Systems Software
  • Uniform Grid
    • IEEE 80
    • IEEE 665
    • Rod & Conductor Optimization
  • Finite Element Analysis
    • Rods & Conductors in any 3-D Direction
    • Handle irregular configurations of any shape

Rod & Conductor Optimization

Ground Grid Systems Software Capabilities

  • Two-layer soil configuration plus surface material
  • Table of potentials at the earth surface
  • External boundary extensions
  • Variable weight & temperature options
  • Compare allowable currents against fault currents
  • User-expandable conductor library
  • Ground grid configurations showing conductor & rod plots
  • Compare potentials to tolerable limits
  • Step, touch, & absolute potentials inside & outside grid
Ground Grid Systems

Plotting & Reporting

  • 3-D touch and step potential plots
  • 3-D absolute voltage plots
  • Color coded contour plots
  • Graphical display of overlimit voltages
  • Conductor segments oriented in any 3-D direction
  • Output results in Microsoft Access databases format
  • Use Crystal Reports® for full color, customizable reports
  • Export output reports to your favorite word processor
  • Rotation animation
  • Rotation increment (-15 to 15 degrees)
  • Rotation detail – wire frame/plotting style/full detail
  • Viewing style – color/monochrome
  • Shading style – white/color
  • Font size – small/medium/large
  • Numeric precision – 0, 1, 2, 3 decimals
  • Grid lines – no grid, X and/or Y axes
  • Plotting method – wire frame/surface/surface with frame/surface with contouring/pixels



Ground Grid Systems

Ground Grid Systems

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