SEE Gen eDoc

SEE Gen eDoc

Web service dedicated to the electrical advanced systems

Explore online and manage your electrical system!

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SEE Gen eDoc is the web service dedicated to electrical systems documentation, visualization and maintenance.


SEE Gen eDoc is a service enabling engineers to consult online harness documentation of the machine. It's mainly dedicated to the transportation industry, especially aviation and railway, when wire harness designing and manufacturing is needed.

Main kind of documents managed by this service are logical wire drawings with electrical objects, devices and connected harnesses. You can search and visualize needed harness or wire by effective search engine. The interactive viewer offers advanced searching and filtering options to quickly locate your wire by name, catalogue number and others specific characteristics. Automatic generation of wiring diagram from many points of view is accessible too.

Explore and manage your wire harness documentation online​!

SEE Gen eDoc

SEE Gen eDoc Key Features

The SEE Gen eDoc online service has been optimized to help you to search, visualize and maintain harnesses in your secured project database. The speed online access to the harness documentation is really needed if you manage the big electrical machines like trains, ships or planes. Your database is strictly secured, because of critical importance.

  • The huge numbers of wires are related to the electrical machine like a plane. You are able to effectively search between a million wires and visualize them.
  • Powerful exploration of electrical system content is accessible. The full structure is visible with wires, harnesses, drawings, projects, products, assembly, machine. Management of changes is provided.

  • Effectively process of managing of your electrical system is possible. You can make the right decisions in the controlled process. After detection of the problem, visualization, notion, information you can solve it. User can display any properties and automatically generates the troubleshooting connectivity chart. For dedicated users, the possibility of rebuilding of product is accessible with full history.
SEE Features


    • Improved Efficiency by easy online access to your electrical system introduced in the machine. Application simplify way to consult documentation.
    • Improved Productivity by reducing time of solving and maintaining electrical installation. Application optimizes time of troubleshooting of electrical systems.
    • Improved Collaboration in your team, by using the same, always actual online documentation.
    SEE Gen eDoc

    SEE Gen eDoc is a web service enabling engineers to consult and maintain harness documentation of the machine.

    SEE Gen eDoc



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      SEE Gen eDoc

      SEE Gen eDoc

      SEE Gen e-doc a new web service for electrical systems advanced documentation

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