SEE Web Catalogue (add-on)

SEE Web Catalogue

Electrical database of references and symbols for designing

Explore online catalog of electrical devices and symbols​!

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SEE Web Catalogue is the most needed Add-On for SEE Electrical and SEE Electrical Expert designers enabling professionals to design creatively, and speedy.


SEE Web Catalogue is an intuitive online database of electrical references.

Most equipment records provide detailed technical information including dimensions, schematic symbol references and 3D symbols to let you quickly complete your projects. The web service offers advanced searching and filtering options to quickly locate your required equipment by catalogue number, description, series, manufacturer or specific characteristics.

The SEE Web Catalogue is constantly growing. It is continually updated and improved with new content.

Explore online catalog of electrical devices and symbols​!
Design electricity with using the newest electrical devices and equipment’s​!
Complement your designing tool SEE Electrical by this most needed add-on!​

SEE Web Catalogue Key Features

The SEE Web Catalogue online application has been optimized to help you quickly searching of electrical device which you need to use in your project. Its intuitive and pleasant interface will help you immediately after opening. This kind of application is essential for every designer using SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical Expert.

  • There are over a million-part numbers / devices available for use in electrical design. Devices are organized according to manufacturer's name and according to their databases. The catalog is mainly sorted by part numbers and is divided into classes such as relays, drives, plc. You can use detailed technical information such as nominal current and voltage, as well as dimensions.
  • To create your drawing, you can use schematic symbols accessible in SEE WEB Catalogue. They are related to references. Using symbols related with references is the speediest method of designing. Links between coils and contacts are declared, so management of main and auxiliary contacts in real time is maintained. For user designing and manufacturing electrical cabinets in 3D Panel, a large number of 3D symbols are available. During creation your panel, you can use directly 3D symbols or use the part numbers of equipment related with 3D symbols.


SEE Features


    • Improved Efficiency by saving time on every stage of process, from conception, designing, production and maintaining electrical installation.
    • Improved Productivity by reducing costly errors, what gives the possibility to design more creatively more projects.
    • Improved Collaboration with your branch by using same online catalogue of electrical equipment.
    SEE Web Catalogue

    SEE Web Catalogue is the most popular add-on for users of SEE Electrical and SEE Electrical Expert.

    This is a huge online database of electrical devices.

    SEE Web Catalogue



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      SEE Web Catalogue

      SEE Web Catalogue

      SEE Electrical Expert V5R1 - Adding symbols from the Web Catalogue.

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      SEE Web Catalogue Flyer

      SEE Web Catalogue Flyer

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