Rail Power Systems - eTraX™


Solution for Analysis & Operation of Rail Traction Systems
ETAP Train Power Simulation - eTraX™ software includes validated, user-friendly and flexible software tools for designing, analyzing and managing AC and DC railway infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Data Centralization
    - Geospatial, Schematics, Planning, Protection and SCADA Operations
  • Integrated Design Solution
    - Model and solve transmission & traction power systems together
    - Simultaneous solution of AC & DC power networks
  • Comprehensive Design & Analysis
    - Train Performance Calculation
    - Power Flow / Voltage Drop
    - Fault Analysis
    - Harmonics, etc.
  • Verified & Validated (V&V)
    - Benchmarked against system measurements & global standards
    - Designed and developed under ETAP nuclear quality assurance program
  • Integrated Traction eSCADA
    - Real-Time Predictive Simulation eliminates guesswork
    - Sequence of Events playback for root cause & effect analysis
    - Load Forecasting based on proposed timetables
    - Switch Order Management with power flow based switch plan validation


eTraX is utilized by designers, planners and owner/operators to design and operate DC metros, AC suburban, high-speed rail, freight/mining, inter-city, light rail (LRT), automated people movers (APM), etc.

eTraX is utilized by consulting firms, design institutes, rolling stock manufacturers, project developers and owner/operators to:

  • Conceptually design and study system behavior and operation
  • Perform multi-physics simulation of train mechanical energy and corresponding electrical demand in a single unified solution
  • Determine power and energy consumption of train services to design & analyze capacity of traction power supply
  • Safely optimize number of trains using minimum headways and running time calculations
  • Simulating contingencies (infrastructure failures, delays) and evaluating appropriate mitigation methods
  • Rolling stock evaluation and comparison
  • Effect of energy storage and regenerative braking

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