SEE Electrical PLM

Product Lifecycle Management

SEE Electrical PLM

Electrical product lifecycle management

Manage life cycle of electrical products!

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SEE Electrical PLM software is a modular and complete software suite for managing the integral electrical product lifecycle (PLM – Product Lifecycle Management).

SEE Electrical PLM software package is dedicated to the management of electrical products. Product Lifecycle Management consist of managing the entire lifecycle of a product starting with requirements, through design, then manufacturing service and disposal. Product Life Cycles includes people, data, processes and business systems. It provides a product information backbone.

Solution includes a complete set of packages and modules for: equipment catalogue definition, functional electrical devices list management, electrical project management, block diagrams, functional diagrams definition, exchange, communication, electrical harness creation, wire routing, automatic wiring diagrams generation, equipment assignment to equipment centers, inline connectors pin booking definition and pin allocation management.

Each step of working is registered and managed in PLM. It is dedicated for companies which produce very big electrical products, like planes.

SEE Electrical PLM

SEE Electrical PLM Key Features

The SEE Electrical PLM solution has been optimized to help companies to cover a lifecycle of the electrical product. This kind of application is essential for big companies, producing electrical machines. The solution precisely defines the cables and electrical harnesses required by users. PLM enables electrical harnesses for on-board systems in transportation mainly.

  • Companies can manage the entire lifecycle of a product starting with requirements, through design, then manufacturing service and disposal.
  • Software packages allow companies to work in parallel on the functional level (from block diagrams to wiring diagrams) as well as the installation level (from space reservation to geometrical harness).
  • The complex cabling configuration is accessible for all kinds of vehicles produced in critical industry branches, like aviation and railway.
  • The topology approach allows integrating systems design as well as 3D space reservation.
SEE Features


  • Improved Quality by streamlining the flow of electrical products in the design, manufacturing and maintenance team with controlling of the processes.
  • Improved Security by storing and managing all information's about products in the secured SQL database, dedicated especially for SEE documentation. Use check-in and check-out options to secure projects. Manage accesses and user rights.
  • Improved Product Life Cycle by managing the full lifecycle and history of electrical product.

SEE Electrical PLM offers a modular and complete software suite for managing the complete lifecycle as well as complex cabling configuration for all kinds of vehicles or industrial plants.


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