IEC 60092 Standard

IEC 60092

IEC 60092 Standard

Cable current capacity & sizing for power cables in ships & offshore units

ETAP IEC 60092 provide a complete current capacity sizing calculations for power cables concerning electrical installations in seagoing ships and fixed or mobile offshore units for cables with voltages up to and including 15 kV.

IEC 60092 Standard
  • Complete cable current carrying capacity & sizing calculation
  • Integrated with load flow, short circuit & protective device coordination modules
  • Simulation & alerts based cable size adequacy using 'what if' scenarios
  • Intelligent cable current carrying capacity assessment & temperature correction
  • Current carrying capacity evaluation for various cable layouts
  • Extensive verified & validated cable manufacturer libraries

Cable Raceway Installations

  • A/G Conduit (on bulkhead)
  • A/G Trays (perforated, unperforated)
  • Air Drop (suspended)
  • Brackets
  • Ladder
  • Wire Mesh
  • Open and Clipped Direct (on bulkhead, on deckhead)
IEC 60092 Cable Raceway Installation and Layout

Cable & Tray Layout

  • Flat layout – Touching or Spaced
  • Trefoil layout – Touching or Spaced
  • Horizontal layout
  • Vertical layout
  • Number of Trays

Alert for Allowable Capacity

Alerts are provided to the user when a critical situation occurs. A critical situation may deteriorate the cable and tremendously reduce its lifetime. The alerts in ETAP can be based on the options listed below.

  • Based on the calculated cable capacity
  • User-defined value
  • Based on thermal analysis results of underground raceway systems module

Short Time Duty Factors

If a cable is intended to supply a single motor or equipment for periods of One Hour, Half an Hour or Intermittently, the program can calculate the current carrying capacity by taking into account the corresponding short time duty correction factor.

Grouping Factors

The cable capacity simulation program for installations on ships, calculates the current carrying capability of a cable based on number of circuits as limited based on the standard.


Temperature Correction

In addition, the user can enter the actual operating temperature of the cable and the current carrying capability will be adjusted accordingly. The current carrying capability of a cable is calculated based on number of circuits as limited based on the IEC 60092 standard. 



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