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ETAP 18 series includes new products, thousands of new features and enhancements as well as updates based on the latest industry standards and guidelines. Request a live demo today!

Getting Started Videos

ETAP Foundations

ETAP Foundations

Learn how to get started with ETAP and gain insight as to the various system layers, views, and presentation in ETAP.
ETAP Modeling


A brief overview on system modeling and creating a one-line diagram. Learn how rule-based automated designs can significantly reduce the amount of hours spent on building a one-line diagram.
ETAP Analysis


A brief overview on how to perform load flow and short circuit analysis using the ETAP software and learn how to use the result analyzers to evaluate multiple scenarios.
STAR Protective Device Coordination

Device Coordination

Take a quick tour of ETAP Star™ – Protective Device Coordination module.
ETAP Arc Flash

Arc Flash

Introduction to ETAP Arc Flash, analysis module. Learn how to get started with Arc Flash.

Solution Overview Videos

Nuclear Generation


An overview of the features and modules of ETAP software for critical generation facilities of all types and sizes.
Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

An overview of wind farm modeling and simulation using the ETAP Renewable module.
Solar Panels PV Array

Photovoltaic Array & Solar Panel

An overview to photovoltaic array modeling and simulation using the ETAP software for solar panel sizing and grid impact analysis.


An overview of ETAP Grid™ for Transmission systems. Combine detailed substation models, network topology, system analysis, and SCADA/EMS into one common database.


An overview of ETAP Grid™ for Distribution systems. Utilize an integrated distribution system planning and operation solution on a progressive geospatial platform for simulating, analyzing, operating and optimizing the performance of Smart Grids.


An overview of the ETAP software for industrial systems from the original concept through design, modeling, analysis, and operation.
Low Voltage

Low Voltage

An overview to the integrated suite of electrical design, analysis, and protection software for low voltage installations.
eTraX Rail

Rail - eTraX™

Introduction to ETAP eTraX™ for analysis and operation of Rail Traction Systems. Using advanced geospatial asset information, eTraX™ allows for the modeling, simulation, prediction and optimization of rail infrastructure.
Power Management - ETAP Real-Time

Power Management - ETAP Real-Time™

An introduction to ETAP Real-Time™ model-driven power management solution for continuous monitoring, predictive simulation, optimization, and automation of electrical systems.
Intelligent Load Shedding

Intelligent Load Shedding ETAP ILS™

An introduction to ETAP ILS™ - Intelligent Load Shedding system.  Utilizing a model-driven foundation with embedded predictive analytics, and optimization algorithms, ETAP's adaptive Intelligent Load Shedding solution makes Faster than Real-Time decisions.