Integration & Automation

Real-Time Electrical Power System Integration

Real-time system integration often demands a complex interaction between systems and people. The power and versatility of ETAP combined with the vast knowledge and experience of ETAP Solution Providers alleviate the complexities involved in orchestrating the challenges of system integration while guaranteeing a successful implementation of your system automation project.

Integration Services

ETAP integrators provide turnkey solutions to tie your existing data acquisition system and metering equipment to ETAP Real-Time applications.

Main services offered in the field of real-time integration include:

Integration Services 1

  • Integration strategy
  • System modeling & development
  • Architecture & technology consulting
  • Technology pre-study & piloting
  • Enterprise systems connectivity
  • Metering hardware evaluation
  • Monitoring & control system design
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

Integration Services 2

  • Visibility studies & system analysis
  • Tag database interface implementation
  • Logic controller programming
  • ETAP engineering certification
  • Operator training
  • Hardware installation
  • Project management
  • Technical support
ETAP’s modular design makes for an easy implementation allowing for a hassle free upgrade path. It starts with the system model of your electric network. Next, set up the ETAP Real-Time server to access online equipment status and metered data. Then, bring your power system to life and capture the benefits of ETAP’s intelligent monitoring, real-time simulator, and event playback capabilities. Add optimization and control capabilities and harness the power of ETAP Real-Time through the use of advance features, such as the Energy Management System and Intelligent Load Shedding applications.