SmartPlant Electrical (SPEL) Interface

SmartPlant Electrical Interface

SPEL Interface

SmartPlant Electrical is developed by Intergraph, as a complimentary product to its suite of SmartPlant tools. It is a highly flexible tool that handles large amounts of electric power system data. SmartPlant Electrical, has comprehensive equipment data sheet templates, schedule templates, one-line diagrams, and customizable default libraries.
SmartPlant Electrical (SPEL) Interface Software ETAP

The ETAP-SPEL Data Exchange Interface provides data synchronization between ETAP and Intergraph’s SmartPlant Electrical (SPEL). This bidirectional interface allows joint users to utilize ETAP for design, analysis and automation, and then integrate that data into SPEL to increase electrical efficiency for the construction, operation, and maintenance for the life cycle of the plant.


SPEL Interface Key Features

  • Data mapping between SPEL equipment and ETAP elements
  • Bi-directional project data exchange and synchronizations
  • Synchronization of the ETAP cable library with the SPEL cable reference
  • Auto-creation of one-line diagram in ETAP

The data exchange ensures that equipment data and connectivity information are kept consistent without going through the time-consuming manual process of recording additions and modifications in both systems. The ETAP-SPEL cable library data synchronization allows for import / export of project cable library data.



Design, Analyze and Operate with SmartPlant Electrical and ETAP

Design, Analyze and Operate with SmartPlant Electrical and ETAP

Managing Your Control System Assets with SmartPlant Instrumentation


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