Metals & Mining

The Metal & Mining industry relies on ETAP to improve the safety and reliability of operation. ETAP Real-Time solution brings significant energy savings while reducing unnecessary load shedding and thereby preserving critical loads directly associated with production.
  • Modeling & Visualization

    Modeling & Visualization

    A one-stop solution with intelligent interface views and core capabilities to create, configure, customize, and manage your electrical power system model.

  • Analysis & Optimizaton

    Analysis & Optimization

    A full spectrum suite of power systems analysis and optimizations products ranging from load flow to transient stability.

  • Electrical Safety & Protection

    Electrical Safety & Grounding

    Comprehensive and integrated solution to help evaluate, analyze, and assess the safety and grounding of your electrical system.

  • Protective Device Coordination icon

    Protection & Coordination

    Fully integrated Protective Device Coordination software for steady-state and dynamic device coordination, protection, and testing.

  • Electrical scada dashboard

    Power Management System

    Model-driven power management solution for continuous monitoring, predictive simulation, optimization, and automation of electrical system.

  • Fast Load Shedding System

    Load Shedding System

    A smart load shedding system must have the same understanding of the electrical network as the engineers who designed and analyzed it.

Powering the Mine

Production interruptions in the mining industry are associated with substantial losses in revenue. Inadequate load shedding triggered by a disturbance in the onsite power generation often results in loss of critical loads which negatively affect the production process, having a substantial impact in revenue to the tune of millions of dollars per incident. It is essential to have a proactive solution that can shed loads in a fast, optimal, safe, and intelligent manner in order to minimize production losses. ETAP Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS) is one such solution. ETAP ILS is a state-of-the-art, load preservation solution designed for the mining industry.

This mining specific load preservation system has been proven to reduce unnecessary load shedding and thereby preserving critical loads directly associated with production. In addition, ILS will bring significant energy savings by diverting non-essential loads during hours of high energy costs and managing the optimal combination of utility and self-generation power.

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