NetPM™ - Network Model Management


Network Project Modeling & Management

ETAP Network Project Modeling & Management (NetPM™) provides a platform for collaborative engineering using smart management tools to shorten a power system modeling and study from months to weeks.
  • Change Management
  • Review & Approval Process
  • Simultaneous Modeling & Analysis
  • Joint Operation & Control
  • Collaborate in Parallel from Anywhere
Collaborate in Parallel from Anywhere


ETAP NetPM™ offers a powerful solution for topology synchronization, data integration, model coordination, and information transfer across the entire lifecycle of the electrical network from modeling to operation and from engineering-consultants to owner-operators. 


  • Collaborative multi-user model creation, data collection and validation
  • Conduct simultaneous studies on the same project at the same time
  • Topology synchronization and data validation between ETAP Desktops and etapAPP™
  • Concurrent  system studies, analyses, and reports
  • Single source repository for all data changes
  • Manage one model between consultants and owner-operators
  • User Access Management with role-based and password authentication manager 
Increase Engineering Design Quality

Increase Engineering Design Quality

Quickly identify changes from multiple engineers made to a project and synchronize the changes. NetPM provides a platform for improved design validation through collaboration.

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Increase productivity by having multiple engineers working in parallel on the same project. NetPM removes the time delay associated with the traditional sequential process of single engineer project access by allowing multiple engineers to simultaneously work on the same model and run various studies.

Accelerate Project Schedules

Accelerate Project Schedules

With tools for a complete multi-user management system, efficiency of project completion will drastically increase. Whether data collection and project updates are done from etapAPP™ or from an engineering workstation, all changes are simultaneously reflected on the master model and approved updates are broadcasted to selected users.



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