Operator Training Simulator – eOTS™

Accelerate Dispatcher Operation Training

With increased focus on elimination of overdesign, system validation, safety and emission compliance, as well as the savings through virtual readiness and preparation, the utilization of Operator Training Simulators are more than ever essential to the improvement of power system design and operation.

ETAP eOTS - Model-Driven Power System Training Simulator helps to improve and develop operator’s and dispatcher’s competency through real-world simulated learning.

From simulation to operation, eOTS utilizes the ETAP Digital Twin to provide both operators and engineers an effective learning environment to augment their knowledge of the actual system.

  • Ensure operator readiness & foreplan contingencies
  • Increase operator competency & audit productivity
  • Improve system safety & security through real-world scenario simulations
  • Validate design using steady-state & dynamic simulations


Concerns & Challenges




Avoid Unplanned Outages Caused by Human Error

How to reduce risks associated with potential missteps in operator actions?

eOTS challenges operators to learn about and gain knowledge of the behavior of the power system and associated processes before facing real-world operational situations. The training simulation provides the capability to inject events, messages, and disturbances under various operational situations.


How to avoid mistakes caused by errors in switching plan sequence?

Operator actions contingencies can be tested for normal operations as well as emergency and abnormal conditions through virtual simulation.


Reduce Start-up & Commission Times

How to ensure smooth and successful start-up and higher system availability?

Simulate & Track the Sequence-of-Operation - A model-driven power system training simulator allows to mimic the sequence-of-operation scenarios using real-time data to perform and validate actions such as configuration switching, generator synchronization, load shedding, motor startup, and more.


Can the impact of new facilities be simulated on the existing system before implementation?

Using real-time operation data with Software-in-the-Loop technology, a model-driven OTS provides actual system-operator interfaces with realistic learning simulations that match the operation of the power management system including its protection and control systems to verify and validate the impact of actions taken by the operator in a simulated environment.


Evaluate Operator Awareness & Readiness

Are the system dispatchers ready to response to malfunctions and emergencies?

Ad Hoc & Pre-defined Scenarios Evaluation allows trainers to create preconfigured scenarios to simulate realistic situations on the electrical system while allowing the operator to respond to the disturbances.


How to prepare the operation staff for unexpected situations and contingency scenarios?

Operator Training Simulator replicates real-world system conditions and allows the trainees to evaluate contingency responses to both steady-state and dynamic scenarios using actual system-operator interfaces with realistic learning simulations and logic schemes validation.


How to effectively certify operators and confirm their readiness?

Trainer-to-Trainees Learning Environment offers the tools to the trainer (i.e. on-screen playback of actions, step-by-step logs, alarms & control logs, and response evaluation using real and simulated data) to fully evaluate the steps taken by the operators in order to certify their readiness.



  • Virtual Test of Operator Actions
  • Simulate & Track the Sequence-of-Operation
  • Ad Hoc & Pre-defined Evaluation Scenarios
  • Trainer-to-Trainees Learning Environment
  • Software-in-the-Loop System Simulation



  • SCADA / Power Management System
  • Energy Management System
  • Generation Management System
  • Load Shedding System
  • Load Demand Controls



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