Electrical SCADA

ETAP eSCADA™ is a model-driven electrical SCADA software and Data Acquisition & Control hardware that offers an intuitive real-time visualization and analyses platform via intelligent graphical user interface, one-line diagram, geospatial view, and digital dashboards.

Key Features

  • Web-based SCADA architecture
  • Integrated hardware solution
  • Advanced alarm and event management
  • Online and archive data trending
  • Enhanced SCADA component library
  • Electrical SCADA communication and applications
  • Smart Grid and microgrid master controllers
  • Predictive simulation, optimization and automation
  • Standardized and reusable templates

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      In addition, web-based technologies have been added to provide the tools to make informative decisions based on planned or unplanned events from any location. Any power generation, transmission, and distribution with small, medium, and large capacities can benefit from these applications, especially if keeping the system running is of critical importance.


      Learn about ETAP eSCADA - An Intelligent Alternative to Traditional SCADA

      Learn about ETAP eSCADA - An Intelligent Alternative to Traditional SCADA

      In recent years, more and more the electrical system generation, transmission, distribution and industrial networks are expanding, being digitized and penetrated with new technologies such as distributed generation.  Traditional SCADA solutions are no longer sufficient to support dispatchers and operators to efficiently make decisions during normal and emergency conditions.  ETAP eSCADA, based on digital twin technology, supersedes traditional SCADA’s by providing analytical solutions with operator friendly interfaces making data and recommendations available instantaneously. Yet, the system is designed to support complement standard SCADA functionality making it a complete solution.  This presentation will cover the capabilities of ETAP eSCADA for operating many different electrical networks.

      Azusa Light & Water Substation SCADA

      Azusa Light & Water Substation SCADA

      City of Azusa, California, located east of Los Angeles, serves approximately 17,000 electrical customers. The full-service electric division is committed to providing safe & reliable operations to all customers, from residential to large commercial and industrial. In 2021, the department realized the then-existing infrastructure no longer met their needs and expectations. Relying on different systems for various applications, data management and its transfer has proven inefficient and prone to errors as well as the lack of local support; they recognized the potential of ETAP's fully-integrated, unified SCADA platform.

      Online Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plant Auxiliary Power Systems using ETAP Real-Time

      Online Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plant Auxiliary Power Systems using ETAP Real-Time

      At a given nuclear power plant, nuclear safety is directly dependent on a reliable source of electric power supplied via the plant’s auxiliary power system.  The auxiliary power system typically consists of an MV and LV AC and a DC distribution system, powering thousands of individual loads and circuits, i.e., pumps, fans, valves, sensors, and controls specifically designed to protect the integrity of the nuclear reactor and containment structures.  This presentation will explore past practices and recent developments in the online monitoring of such systems using a digital twin. The presentation includes the reasons for utilizing online monitoring, the advantages of using a digital twin versus simple data collection, and the multi-faceted benefits realized from such a system (i.e., business, safety, reliability).

      Upgrading Bokaro Steel Plant

      Upgrading Bokaro Steel Plant's existing Supervisory Load Control Centre System with ETAP SCADA

      Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is one of the largest steel-making companies in India and one of the Maharatnas of the country’s Central Public Sector Enterprises. ETAP was selected to upgrade the existing SLCC (Supervisory Load Control Centre) System for Power Distribution of Bokaro Steel Plant. This presentation will give insights into the project scope and deployment: The SCADA/PDMS system shall monitor and control the Distribution & Sub-Distribution stations and achieve the SCADA/PDMS functions, integrated with the SLCC control center. Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) is having a client/server architecture-based SCADA System for monitoring and controlling of generation, import, and distribution of power through SLCC Control room at MSDS-I. The SLCC system is also connected to a central SLCC system located in Kolkata. RTUs for substations will be installed in various locations which are connected through a dedicated fiber-optic network to the server.


      ETAP ADMS™ - Advanced Distribution  Management System

      ETAP ADMS™ - Advanced Distribution Management System

      ETAP Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) Overview

      Grid Modernization Redefined.
      Integrated Distribution Planning, eSCADA, DMS & OMS Solution

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