Data Exchange Services

Data Exchange & Conversion Services

ETAP Consulting supports clients worldwide in performing model validation of database conversions and data exchange projects.

We have a staff of engineers and database specialists dedicated to conduct database conversions and synchronization between your existing data files and ETAP project databases. Our services can be employed for converting and setting up data files as well as the development of new conversion programs for ETAP based on your specific needs.

Contact us at to assist you in database conversion projects and these services:

Database Conversion

Convert your existing third-party electrical power system database to ETAP. The conversion program will automatically generate a multi-layered graphical one-line diagram or Geospatial diagram.

Built-in conversion tools from legacy power system software:

  • SKM PowerTools® - Dapper® / Captor™ PTW32
  • ESA EasyPower®
  • Siemens PSS®E
  • CYME Geo-referenced & Schematic View
  • Milsoft WindMil Map®
  • Power Analytics® / EDSA®

Other available conversion programs:

  • DIgSILENT® PowerFactory
  • Neplan®
Data Exchange and Conversion Services

Database Validation & Verification

As the next step, load flow and short circuit runs are performed for validation of the converted data. Results are compared with the original database. For data verification purposes, the pre-existing load flow and short circuit results must be provided along with the database.

Model Presentations Setup

The auto-generated one-line diagram is based on logical layout. Some cosmetic layout changes may be required for various study requirements and engineering uses. Where applicable, the ETAP model will be arranged to include nested networks (substations) and will be set up for proper impedance, relay, and study presentations of the one-line diagram.

Model Expansion

The system model can be expanded and modified to include new substations or subsystems that have not already been modeled in the existing database / system model. This can also include a built model validation.

Database Synchronization

Our database services also provide data automation and exchange with other databases such as GIS, Master Project Database, and System Historians. These services include:

  • Data interpretation
  • Data integration
  • Format conversion & mapping
  • Procedures development
  • Turnkey database synchronization
  • Quality assurance services
  • Project & technical management


How to Easily Migrate from Legacy Software Projects to ETAP

30:19 Webinars  
In this webinar, we demonstrated how easy it is to convert to ETAP 22 from various legacy software applications using the most advanced built-in data conversation tool. We also explored many of the new features & capabilities in ETAP 22 and revealed tips and tricks for the best ETAP experience.