About Us

Cloud First • Open by Design • Seamless • Sustainable

ETAP is the world’s leading electrical design and operations digital twin platform for infrastructure, building and industry.

Through its integrated electrical digital twin platform, ETAP delivers best-in-class, seamless customer experience and cloud-ready technology ensuring universal accessibility for designers, engineers, and operators accelerating their digital transformation, even in the highest regulated environments.

Over 20,000 enterprises globally rely on ETAP to unlock total efficiency and sustainability at all stages of the lifecycle for buildings, industries, and infrastructure.

Driven by excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction for over 35 years, ETAP’s deep expertise is supported by the dedication of more than 1,000 employees and a strong community of active users.

With operations around the globe, ETAP is headquartered in Irvine, California.

The energy transition has started, and ETAP is uniquely positioned to accelerate it. Discover Our Manifesto.

What Makes Us Unique

Cloud First

We will integrate real time, structured data from buildings, industries, and infrastructure to promote enterprise-wide collaboration using cloud-based technology ensuring universal accessibility - this will be achieved through strong data aggregation, rich analytics using data modeling and AI, and cutting- edge visualization.

Open by Design

We are driven by one, unified software platform that integrates seamlessly across various IOT platforms providing an immersive, integrated experience accelerating digital transformation for enterprises in the most effective and efficient manner.


We deliver a seamless user experience across software products with cross-platform collaboration. We provide one-stop worldwide expertise within the electrical data domain covering evolving local regulations ensuring compliance with business rules and enabling innovative business models.


We drive digital transformation for sustainability and efficiency, supporting our customers in their energy transition, empowering them to make decisions for a green and smart future across the lifecycle. We are committed to inclusivity, diversity and equality in our community.



7 C's of ETAP - Customer Driven Culture

Throughout the years, one of the things that we hold steadfast is a corporate philosophy that emphasizes supporting our most important asset, our customers. We believe that our success is a result of an unwavering commitment to our customers, their needs, and receptivity to feedback.  The 7 C’s guide our interactions, investments, our initiatives, and are the fundamental underpinnings of our corporate culture.


  • Caring for our Customers
  • Candid with our Customers
  • Commitments to our Customers
  • Class of Quality for our Customers
  • Communication with our Customers
  • Consistency of Service to our Customers
  • Commonsense Solutions for our Customers