Fault Isolation & Service Restoration (FLISR)

Fault Isolation & Service Restoration

Fault Isolation & Service Restoration (FLISR)

An Optimal Network Restoration Module
The ETAP fault isolation and service restoration module (FLISR) finds the section of the network that will be isolated due to a forced outage and provides information to the operator or planner regarding the customers affected.
Fault Isolation Sequence
These forced outages can be a result of a single point failure or much large event such as lightning strikes accompanied due to thunderstorm activity.

The fault isolation and restoration software (FLISR) will thereafter determine the optimal restoration strategy that much be used in order to recover maximum number of affected customers without reenergizing the fault and overloading the existing circuits.


The following objectives can be used in the process of developing an optimal restoration strategy:

  • Minimize network losses
  • Minimize the number of overloaded elements
  • Maximize the average voltage
Fault Isolation & Service Restoration

Fault isolation and service restoration software uses multiple step approach in a single module to simulate the fault, its effect on the network and finally the steps that need to be taken in order to recover as much of the service as possible.

The ETAP fault isolation and service restoration module is a key component for implementing an outage management system and crucial for operator decision making under emergency conditions. For planners, it offers key insight into the reliability of their feeders and clues into moving critical loads onto more reliable circuits.



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