Utility Distribution

Geospatial-Driven Simulation, Planning, Protection & ADMS

ETAP Grid™ Distribution is a unified software platform for modeling, analysis, planning and operations of state-to-city-wide electrical power distribution networks.
Planning, Safety & Optimization

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ETAP Advanced Distribution Management System - ADMS™ with distribution SCADA and Outage Management System provides an integrated solution for an effective and successful Distribution Management strategy for tier 1, 2, and 3 electric utilities.

    Integrated Distribution Network Solution

    With over 20 comprehensive analysis modules for distribution systems, ETAP is the ultimate tool for Smart Grid Distribution Management & Microgrid Systems. ETAP is an integrated and interactive program for simulating, analyzing and optimizing distribution power system performance.

    • Intelligent Geospatial, Substation & Feeder Diagram
    • Distribution Network Planning & Analysis
    • Electrical Safety & Protection
    • Distribution System Optimization
    • Demand Side Management
    • Distribution Feeder Automation
    • Network Outage Management
    • Advanced Distribution Management System - ADMS

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