Optimal Capacitor Placement

Optimal Capacitor Placement

Optimal Capacitor Placement

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Optimal Capacitor Placement allows engineers to strategically place capacitors for voltage support and power factor correction while minimizing installation and long-term operation costs.
Optimal Capacitor Placement Plot
The advanced graphical interface gives users the flexibility to control the capacitor placement process and graphically view the results. The precise calculation approach automatically determines the best locations and bank sizes. In addition, it reports the branch capacity release and the estimated savings during the planning period due to var loss reduction.

Optimal Capacitor Placement Key Features

  • Optimal location & bank size
  • Minimize installation & operation costs
  • Individual source or average energy cost
  • Voltage and/or power factor objectives
  • Minimum, maximum, & average loading
  • Branch capacity release & cost savings
  • Review capacitor impact on the system
  • Capacitor control method
  • Flexible constraints
Optimal Capacitor Placement Study Case

Optimal Capacitor Placement Capabilities

  • Find capacitor’s best location & bank size
  • Minimize the total cost of installation & operation
  • Find a global optimal solution
  • Handle radial or meshed balanced networks
  • Analyze capacitor control method & review capacitor impact on the system
  • Use global average energy cost or individual source energy cost
  • Focus on savings during the whole planning period
  • Plot loss reduction savings, capacitor operation cost and annual savings during the planning period
  • Report branch capacity release
  • Determine available capacitor installation locations by users
  • User selectable capacitor placement objectives: voltage support, power factor correction, or both
  • User selectable capacitor types & bank sizes
  • User-defined planning period & interest rate
  • User-controlled speed & precision ratios
  • Global or individual constraints
  • Different loading categories
  • Graphical display of new capacitor information
  • Integrated load flow features
  • Calculate capacitor sizing



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