Conversion Tools

Conversion Tools

Import & Conversion Tools

Using the data conversion tools, you can easily and automatically convert from legacy power system analysis software to ETAP.  Other built-in data exchange tools to third-party programs allow for import from / export to different formats.


Conversion Tools from Legacy Software

Built-in conversion tools:

  • SKM Power*Tools® - Dapper / Captor PTW32 (AC & DC systems) 
  • ESA EasyPower® (supports MCC Loads) 
  • Siemens PSS®E
  • CYME Geo-referenced & Schematic View
  • Milsoft WindMil Map®
  • ANAFAS - Analysis of Simultaneous Faults
  • Power Analytics® / EDSA®

Other available conversion programs:

  • DigSilent® PowerFactory
  • Neplan®

Conversion Tool features include:

  • One-line diagram conversion based on original layout
  • Data range checking
  • Typical data substitution for missing parameters
  • Data validation
  • Data consistency checking
  • Automatic protective device settings mapping
  • Import of user created Time-Current Curves
  • Support for multiple one-line drawings and MCCs into composite networks
Contact us at to find out how easy it is to convert over and get your projects back on track.

Base Data Exchange Tools

Built-in Data Exchange tools are available as part of Base Package:


  • Import from MATPOWER m file
  • Import from ANAFAS format
  • Import from PSSE (RAW, SEQ & DYR files)
  • Import from IEEE format
  • Import from SKM format
  • Import from EasyPower format
  • Import from CYME
  • Import from Paladin DesignBase / EDSA®
  • Import Configuration Status


  • Export Configuration Status
  • Export Load Ticket for induction machines
  • Export to DXF - AutoCAD / MicroStation
  • Export to Metafile
  • Export Report to MS Excel
  • Export Report to MS Word
  • Export Report to PDF
  • Export to COMTRADE format
  • Export Protective devices to MS Excel


How to Easily Migrate  from Legacy Software Projects to ETAP

How to Easily Migrate from Legacy Software Projects to ETAP

In this webinar, we demonstrated how easy it is to convert to ETAP 22 from various legacy software applications using the most advanced built-in data conversation tool. We also explored many of the new features & capabilities in ETAP 22 and revealed tips and tricks for the best ETAP experience.

Conversion Tutorial from SKM to ETAP

Conversion Tutorial from SKM to ETAP

Migration from SKM Power*Tools® just got easier, faster and more complete! Convert your SKM Dapper & Captor project files into ETAP power system analysis software.

EasyPower Conversion to ETAP

EasyPower Conversion to ETAP

With ETAP 14 release, we made it even easier than before to automatically convert your projects from legacy power system analysis tools to ETAP. The enhanced built-in conversion tools include: SKM Power*Tools®, ESA EasyPower®, Siemens PSS®E


ETAP DataX - Import & Conversion Tools

ETAP DataX - Import & Conversion Tools

ETAP DataX provides interfaces to 3rd-party engineering and CAD software as well as built-in tools to automatically convert from legacy power system analysis software.

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