Unbalanced Network Short Circuit  Software

Short Circuit Analysis for Unbalanced Networks

Unbalanced Network Short Circuit

Unbalanced Network Short Circuit Analysis

Device Duty Calculation & Evaluation ​for Multi-Phase, Single-Phase, AC & DC Systems​
ETAP Unbalanced Network Short Circuit is the most comprehensive unbalanced network short circuit analysis software to study shunt, series, and sliding faults for distribution, transmission, and traction networks.
Distribution Short Circuit Result shown on GIS for Unbalanced Networks
  • Unified AC & DC fault simulation
  • 3-phase unbalanced and 1-phase networks
  • Run and evaluate all fault types in one study
  • Shunt, series, and simultaneous faults
  • Fault current as function of time with AC & DC decay
  • Simulate protective device responses to fault currents and configuration changes

Key Features

Unbalanced Network Short Circuit  Standards​

  • ANSI C37.10 for AC systems​
  • IEC 60909 for AC systems​
  • IEC 61660 for DC systems​
  • GOST Russian Std. for AC systems​

Unbalanced / balanced faults on unsymmetrical systems

  • Series fault – A, B, C, AB, BC, CA, 3-phase
  • Shunt fault – 3-phase, 3-phase - ground
  • Line - ground – Phase A or Phase B or Phase C
  • Line - line - ground
  • Open circuit - Phase A or Phase B or Phase C
  • Conventional short circuit calculations
  • Pre-fault system loading consideration 

Result visualization on OLV and GIS view​

Generator circuit breaker duty evaluation per IEC 62271 / ANSI​


Unbalanced Short Circuit



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