Outage Analytics & Reporting

Outage Analytics & Reporting

Outage Analytics & Reporting

Real-Time Dashboards for Customer Outage and Quality of Service Indices

Real-time dashboard summaries as well as detailed tabular and customizable graphic reports supporting drill-down and query capability.


Key Features & Capabilities

  • User-defined reports covering crew, trouble calls, outage, outage codes, call codes, failure codes, calculations, area reports, device operation, planned outages, etc.  
  • Create custom reports using drag and drop from the data model.
  • Automatic calculation and reporting of several performance indices including IEEE 1366 continuity of service indices: SAIDI, CAIDI, SAIFI, MAIFI, etc.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) reporting based on the logged events, times and degree of restoration for display and reporting.
  • Qos Indices facilitates necessary tools to realize in an homogenous and effective manner, all the calculations, indicators, and indices required by distribution owner/operator. 


  • View QoS indices and the variables used to calculate them via interactive displays
  • Annual indicators, monthly indicators per feeder, lines and substation report, annual indices of incidents, damage types, damage causes, HV, MV and LV damaged elements, Incident time resolution, etc.
  • Create, verify, and edit user-defined QoS formulas
  • Verify and edit individual values of the user-defined calculation variables
  • Enable and disable one or more index calculations
  • Enter schedules for index calculations



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