ETAP & Schneider Electric’s Trust Line

Use Schneider Electric Trust Line to report any concerns or ethical dilemmas you might have. In case of doubt, refer to our Trust Charter or policies below.

A speak-up mindset

It’s about building trust

You can and should act when decisions or behaviors breach Schneider Electric Trust Charter, our culture commitments or the law.

  • We listen;
  • We respect;
  • We protect.

Confidentiality and anonymity

All concern submissions are handled impartially and respectfully. We do our best to keep confidentiality or anonymity in line with local legislation.

Commitment to no retaliation

It takes courage to Speak Up, you may feel uncomfortable or threatened, and we do not tolerate retaliation for raising concerns. According to our policies, anyone who does this can be subject to disciplinary measures.

Open channels to raise a concern

We encourage people to speak up through trustful managers, Human Resources representatives, Ethics Delegates, or Compliance Officers, who act as enablers and support a speak-up mindset for our people.

You can also use our whistleblowing tool - Schneider Electric Trust Line - to raise any concerns.

Trust Charter

Also available in other languages to download.

Our Key Policies

Policies create the backbone of our organization’s ethics and compliance program. They ensure all employees understand how to implement critical tasks and meet behavior expectations.