Outage Management System

Outage Management System

Customer Outage & Mobile Workforce Management

Integrated outage management and mobile workforce management solution that minimizes outage disruption by enabling faster detection and quick restoration through enhanced situational awareness, automation, and efficient and highly effective use of field crews.

Key Features

  • Unified dynamic operational view of both the live network and field resources, one that can be shared across the business from operators in the control center, to field crew, and the extended enterprise.
  • Harness a live operational picture that integrates feeds from analytics and field for optimal situational intelligence.
  • Restore power faster and provide customers more accurate and timely outage information.
  • Optimize crew utilization by identifying and dispatching the nearest suitable crews, filtering out off-grid events, and reducing service returns to the same location.

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      ETAP ADMS™ - Advanced Distribution Management System

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