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Interchange Scheduling (IS) provides the capability to schedule energy transfer from one control area to another while considering wheeling, scheduling ancillary services, and financial tracking of energy transactions. Dedicated for electricity power exchange and scheduling, Interchange Scheduling incorporates energy scheduling, transaction management, and energy cost analysis and reporting.

Interchange Scheduling Software Key Features

  • Tariff Analyzer
  • Rate Structure Builder
  • Transaction Scheduling
  • Transaction Contract
  • Create detailed "Buy" & "Sell" transaction schedules
  • Detailed energy transaction reports for user-specified period of time
  • Evaluate energy cost per location (regions, areas, zones) for multiple transactions
  • Extensive tariff builder
  • Transaction management tools
  • Energy cost analysis & reporting with user-definable formats
  • Graphical & tabular energy cost & transaction views
Detailed energy transaction reports for user-specified period of time

ETAP IS provides a user interface that allows for creation of energy transactions for each location. This interface allows the user to specify separate contracts for each location and assign multiple non-overlapping schedules to each location. Interchange Area Control Error (ACE) is provided to the Automation Generation Control (AGC) calculation from the IS application.



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