Energy Management System

Energy Management System

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This intelligent energy management software control system is designed to reduce energy consumption, improve the utilization of the system, increase reliability, predict electrical system performance, and optimize energy usage to reduce cost.
  • Automatic Generation Control

    A multi-area supervisory control system to regulate generation levels

  • Economic Dispatch

    Allocate changing generation demand of a power system amongst controllable generator units.

  • Unit Commitment

    Minimize operating cost and improve generation unit life-time

  • Load Forecasting

    Predict and trend system loading based on algorithms that adaptively correlate input variables like weather conditions.

  • Interchange Scheduling

    Manage electrical transaction schedules and dispatches tradings that results from the buying and selling of energy.

  • Reserve Management

    Monitor system operating capacity and dynamically calculate the system generation versus load forecast balance.

Key Features

  • Automatic steady-state optimization control
  • Auto control overload, over/undervoltage, etc.
  • Auto control LTCs, circuit breakers, relays, etc.
  • Chain of logic controls & action validations
  • Generation averaging (load sharing)
  • Minimize MW & Mvar losses
  • Minimize power factor penalties
  • Intelligent inhibitive & permissive controls
  • Maximize voltage security index
  • Energy cost assessment
  • Supervisory & advisory control
  • User-friendly logics & macros
  • Control system simulator
  • Peak shaving
  • Optimize spin reserve
  • Intelligent generation control
  • Fuel cost optimization
  • Economic dynamic dispatch

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      ETAP (EMS) Energy Management System applications use real-time data such as frequency, actual generation, tie-line load flows, and plant units’ controller status to provide system changes.

      There are many objectives of an energy management software, including an application to maintain the frequency of a Power Distribution System and keeping tie-line power close to the scheduled values. In ETAP's Energy Management System, scheduled values will be maintained by adjusting the MW outputs of the AGC generators so as to accommodate fluctuating load demands. The energy management software application will also calculate the required parameters to optimize the operation of the generation units under energy management action.



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