Dynamic Modeling & Tuning

Dynamic Modeling & Tuning Services

Operation Technology, Inc. provides services to build, simulate, and tune control systems for generators in order to obtain maximum accuracy from your ETAP simulations. Control system transfer functions for exciters and governors can be used from the existing library in ETAP or created using User-Defined Dynamic Model.

User-Defined Dynamic Model

User-Defined Dynamic Model (UDM) builds and compiles the control block diagrams used by the Transient Stability and Generator Start-Up modules of ETAP.

UDM models can be used in multiple machines with independent self-testing for load rejection, load acceptance, and terminal bus faults for validation of models and their dynamic behavior.

ETAP Engineering Consulting Services can easily and quickly customize your models and save you time on your projects. Having a UDM model gives you the flexibility to update or revise existing models leading to a shortened development life cycle.

Small Signal Stability

Parameter Tuning

Once a governor or exciter model is built via UDM or selected from the ETAP library, we compare the recorded actual generator response from the system and compare it against the response from a simulation in ETAP. Parameters for these control systems in ETAP are then adjusted to match the response characteristic available from the actual device.