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Voltage Stability

Voltage Stability Analysis

Improve Network Security & System Loadability
ETAP Voltage Stability module allows for analysis of a wide range of system conditions and topologies during planning and operation of electrical power systems to avoid voltage collapse and subsequent partial or full system blackout.

Voltage Stability Analysis provides assessment of weak, unstable or uncontrollable areas of the electrical network that may jeopardize future load growth due to unexpected voltage collapse. Conducting an effective Voltage Stability analysis is essential for system planning and long-term interoperability. 

ETAP Voltage Stability provides numerous time-saving functionalities to automatically analyze multiple load growth areas at the same time and understand the stability margins available using a holistic network simulation.

Voltage Stability Software Key Features

ETAP Voltage Stability provides numerous time-saving functionalities to automatically analyze multiple load growth areas at the same time and understand the stability margins available using a holistic network simulation.

  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • P-V, Q-V Analysis or Continuation Load Flow Analysis
  • Automatically calculates
    • P-V curves
    • V-Q curves
    • dV/dQ Sensitivities
  • Graphical result plots with fully integrated graphical plot manager
  • One-Line Result Visualization
    • Sensitivity and Ranking
    • Operating Load, Incremental Load & Total Loadability
    • Voltages under Maximum Loadability
  • MS Excel reports

ETAP Solutions for Improving Voltage Stability

Voltage collapse is a significant threat to generation, industrial, distribution and transmission system. It is generally characterized by loss of a stable operating point as well as by the deterioration of voltage levels in and around the electrical center of the region undergoing voltage collapse.

Voltage stability improvements are possible in all types of power systems susceptible to voltage collapse including generation, industrial, transmission and distribution. Voltage stability may be improved during design as well as system operation phases.

ETAP offers numerous solutions that may be used in combination to safeguard an electrical system against voltage collapse.



Transformer Tap Optimization
Determine optimal tap position, maximize var delivery and improve transmission voltages.
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Dynamic Model Validation
Verify and maximize reactive power capability and comply with operating grid codes.
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Star – Auto Evaluation
Automatically assess generator protection and ensure back protection selectivity.
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Volt/Var Optimization
Voltage reduction during critical conditions is widely used to obtain load relief.
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Distribution Load Shedding
Decentralized VS solution for infrequent disturbances due to undervoltage condition. 
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Optimal Capacitor Placement
Optimal placement of fixed or switched shunt capacitors for improved voltage profile. 
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FACTS Devices
Model and utilize FACTS devices like SVC, HVDC, etc. in order to improve voltage via automatic reactive power control.
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Coordination & Selectivity
Ensure overcurrent and distance relays do not operate under overload condition. 
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Contingency Analysis
Evaluate network contingencies, unplanned outage impact and remedial actions.
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Voltage Stability Applications

Easily utilize multiple study scenarios to understand the impact of reactive power compensation devices, the best location for placement and improvement in stability margins.

  • Simulate the Impact of Voltage Instability
  • Identify Voltage Stability Limits & Proximity to Instability
  • Identify Weak Load Center and Heavily Loaded Lines, Cables and other Branches
  • Identification of Severe Contingencies with Lower Load Margins
  • Calculate Real & Reactive Power Reserve
  • Sensitivity Analysis & Instability Indices


Voltage Stability Analysis

Voltage Stability Analysis

ETAP Voltage Stability software helps to accurately identify the system maximum load carrying capacity limits and reactive power compensation requirements. In this webinar, learn how to identify voltage stability limits, simulate the impact of voltage instability, perform sensitivity analysis, calculate & report instability indices and assess results via network views & plots.


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