Software suite for the automated design and documentation of low voltage electrical installations.


The all-in-one solution for electrical design of buildings & infrastructure

Annual Subscription

Caneco Launch is a comprehensive software for electrical engineers to efficiently design and complete Low-Voltage calculations for projects up to 630A power ratings.

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Automatic diagrams
  • Automatic sizing of cables and protection equipment
  • Advanced electrical calculations for projects up to 630A
  • Multi-manufacturers database
  • Selectivity and cascading
  • Compliance check to electrical standards
  • Customizable report generation
  • Exporting available in multiple formats
Annual Subscription

Caneco Grow is a comprehensive software for electrical engineers to efficiently design, complete Low-Voltage calculations, and seamlessly deliver specifications without limitations on power ratings of projects.

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Automatic diagrams
  • Automatic sizing of cables and protection equipment
  • Multi-manufacturers database
  • Selectivity and cascading
  • Compliance check to electrical standards
  • Customizable report generation
  • Exporting available in multiple formats
  • Energy efficiency optimization for cable sizing
  • Advanced Low-Voltage calculations
  • Multiwire diagram gateway to SEE Electrical
  • Automatic diagrams (SLD, BSLD, Spreadsheet)
Annual Subscription

Caneco Scale is an all-in-one advanced software suite for electrical engineers. Caneco Scale enables efficient design and calculations including Medium- and Low-Voltage, DC, and Arc Flash, with seamless delivery of specifications.

Key features: Everything on Caneco Grow plus:

– Medium-Voltage :

  • Calculation and Sizing
  • Schematics
  • Short-circuit analysis
  • Coordination and protection plan
  • Cable ampacity

– Thorough calculations (Arc Flash, DC).


Much more than just calculation: Caneco software provides the professional tools for the automated design and documentation of Low-Voltage electrical installations - all withing a single software suite.

CANECO is a software suite for the automated design of Low-Voltage electrical installations. It provides the tools for various domains of electrical design and connects them a single solution: circuit calculations and sizing, electrical schematics, BIM and AutoCAD digital mock-ups, cabinet design, bill of materials and costing.

CANECO is designed for electrical engineering professionals, installers, design offices, engineers and project managers, to design Low-Voltage installations.

Design your electrical installations in compliance with standards and with the certainty of being able to provide the documentation required for (also) your BIM projects.

CANECO - Key Features

CANECO offers a range of unique features to make your planning process as efficient and effective as possible. Depending on the selected subscription bundles and available add-ons, you can benefit from these CANECO key features:

  • Caneco - Key Features
    • Automated design of cables and cable trays add-on 2D/3D digital modeling
    • Automated calculation and dimensioning of electrical circuits
    • All relevant product catalogues & free choice of manufacturer
    • Use the results of the network calculation directly in Revit® (BIM) and AutoCAD® 2D/3D digital modeling
    • Automated data synchronization between calculation & 2D/3D digital modeling
    • Extensive, customizable reports & documentation
    • Creation of parts lists, legends, schematics, circuit diagrams, etc.
    • Selectivity: simple and precise setting of protective devices
    • Visualization of all network elements via integrated database
    • Focus on sustainability: EV charging infrastructure, energy-efficient system design, optimized cable dimensioning, power loss calculation and more
  • Caneco LAUNCH - in detail

      Caneco Launch is a comprehensive software for electrical engineers to efficiently design and complete Low-Voltage calculations for projects up to 630A power ratings.


    • User-friendly interface
    • Automatic diagrams
    • Automatic sizing of cables and protection equipment
    • Advanced electrical calculations for projects up to 630A
    • Multi-manufacturers database
    • Selectivity and cascading
    • Compliance check to electrical standards
    • Customizable report generation
    • Exporting available in multiple formats
  • Caneco GROW - in detail

      Low-Voltage calculation and sizing:

      Caneco’s powerful calculation engine automatically determines the most economical equipment: protection devices, cables, prefabricated ducts, as well as switchgear, taking into account :

    • All normative conditions
    • Wiring, coordination, limiting effects, etc.
    • This offers significant savings potential on materials (cables, switchgear).

    • All installation constraints (Normal, Emergency, Inverter sources), which it synthesizes.
    • Phase balancing of circuits.

    • Automatic design of LV networks:

      Caneco is equipped with 3 graphic editors: a general single-line diagram, single-line diagrams for each panel and a spreadsheet, enabling automatic design of the installation's single-line diagram. These 3 editors are interoperable and bidirectional. What you enter in one is reflected in the other 2, depending on your needs and input comfort.

      Multi-manufacturer database:

      The Caneco software range has a large, exhaustive database from all the major manufacturers: ABB, Hager, Eaton, Klockner-Moeller, Legrand, Nexans, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Socomec, Terasaki.

      Low-Voltage selectivity & coordination:

      Caneco's calculation engine automatically determines the most economical protective devices and switching devices, taking into account all normative conditions and the possibilities offered by manufacturers: wiring, coordination, limiting effect. It determines the selectivity of the installation, providing an intelligible diagnosis, taking into account manufacturers' tables and operating curves.

      Automatic generation of design documents and certificates of conformity:

      The powerful document generator automatically generates all the documentation required for plant design and regulatory compliance:

    • Cable books
    • Single-line installation diagrams + panel diagrams (DXF format)
    • Calculation notes
    • Drawings
    • All normative conditions
    • Cabinet front panel
    • All normative conditions
    • Bill of materials

    • Calculation and sizing of electric vehicle charging infrastructure:

      Caneco enables you to model and dimension any type of IRVE installation, and integrates all the controls associated with charging infrastructures for electric vehicles. Caneco BT lets you choose your charging stations from our multi-vendor catalog.

      Multiwire diagram gateway:

      Automatically transform a calculation note created in Caneco LV into a multi-wire cabinet diagram in SEE Electrical Expert, thanks to a communicating gateway between the two software packages.

      Pre-determination of kit cabinets and universal cabinets* :

      Caneco automatically designs kit cabinets to meet the requirements of EN 61439-1, taking into account the design rules of the original manufacturer.

      Define your own rules and let Caneco propose the mounting kits and equipment layout.

      Modify this automatic layout if you wish, and add additional equipment from other manufacturers' catalogs, as well as from your own "user" technical catalog.

      Automatic Bill of Materials* :

      Caneco allows you to automatically determine the components of the calculated products and thus cost your cabinets and the entire installation, thanks to the computerized technical catalog.

      Compliance with electrical standards:

      Caneco integrates over 14 international standards and practical guides. It automatically generates documentation relating to the design of electrical installations and complying with current standards.

      Data export:

      Caneco lets you export design data in a variety of formats, such as .dxf, Excel, and to third-party software such as Revit and See Electrical. This avoids multiple unnecessary entries and reduces the risk of errors.

      Energy efficiency for cable sizing:

      Caneco lets you take Joule effect losses and energy costs into account when sizing your installations.

      *These functions are only available for the French market.

  • Caneco SCALE - in detail

      Includes all Caneco Grow features plus

      TCC coordination and protection plan:

      The Caneco TCC software enables you to easily and efficiently carry out coordination studies of protective devices, to provide a synthetic and precise diagnosis of electrical power supply continuity based on the superimposition of the "time-current" curves of the various items of equipment in an electrical installation.

      Caneco TCC can be used to adjust protection relays to ensure that they effectively protect equipment against thermal effects: overload, short-circuit, etc., and that they are coordinated to achieve good selectivity. Whether your installation is Low Voltage, or both, and whatever its complexity, Caneco TCC gives you a clear, well-argued answer to all questions concerning the quality of your electrical power supply or the export of energy to the grid:

      Are the settings of my protection devices adapted to good selectivity in two network operating configurations: maximum on distribution network and minimum on autonomous source?

      Are the maximum constraints on my equipment (cables, receivers, neutral point coil) satisfied?

      Medium-Voltage calculation and sizing:

      Caneco software enables you to design radial and private loop Medium-Voltage electrical networks, in compliance with NF C 13-200 and IEC 60909 standards.

      It calculates maximum and minimum phase short-circuit, earth fault and capacitive currents, determines cable cross-sections, and enables you to study protection settings and equipment selection. It can also be used to draw up a detailed single-line diagram of the HV network.

      Arc flash calculation according to IEEE standard:

      Caneco performs automatic flash arc calculations based on three-phase short-circuit currents likely to occur on all switchgear. It calculates the corresponding cut-off times for the protection devices concerned, and provides the results in accordance with the calculation methods in IEEE guide 1584-2018 :

    • Maximum incident energy at working distance
    • Protective distance for maximum permissible energy
    • The class of gloves (PPE) to be used to prevent the risk of electric shock

    • Direct current :

      Caneco Scale calculates AC & DC installations

  • Available Add-Ons

      2D/3D digital modeling

      The combination of interoperable software with "calculation, dimensioning and schematics" on the one hand, and "electrical CAD on digital mock-up" on the other, gives you unrivalled work power and security. The Caneco BIM application on Revit® and the Caneco Implantation application on AutoCAD® help you avoid multiple re-entries, copying errors and missed updates.

      In projects where the project manager delivers plans using Revit®, Caneco offers you the possibility of working in BIM across the entire production chain, from design to construction and operation.

      Calculation and sizing of photovoltaic systems*:

      PV integration allows you to calculate short-circuit currents, fault currents and voltage drops at any point in the DC and AC installation, in accordance with NFC 15-712 and NFC 15-100 standards. This solution can be used to define the AC and DC wiring architecture and determine the single-line diagram for the photovoltaic installation.


      2D/3D digital modelingInternational: Multi-language / multi-standard (including Marine):

      Extension to 17 main standards: International IEC 60364, European HD384, French NFC 15-100, British BS7671, German VDE, Italian IEC 64-8, Spanish REBT & UNE 20460, Austrian ÖNORM, Belgian RGIE/AREI, Swiss NIBT-NIN, Portuguese NP, Dutch NEN1010, Czech CSN, Swedish SS 4364000, Norwegian NEK 400, Brazilian NBR-5410 and Australian AS/NZ 3008.

      + Multilingual printing: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Flemish, Portuguese and Catalan.

      + User-created print languages.

      Calculation according to international marine standards IEC 60092.

      + Specific database of protection devices (ABB, Schneider).


      AutoCAD OEM:

      Integrated AutoCAD graphic engine within Caneco Implantation, designed for users who do not require the full version*.

      *Add-on "2D/3D Digital Modeling" mandatory.

      **Currently only available for the French market

Caneco overview

CANECO - Your Benefits

  • Reduce repetitive tasks
    • Take advantage of the automation of electrical installation design – it gives you unrivalled working power and security. The Caneco solution eliminates the need for multiple re-entries, copying errors and missed updates, all of which increase the risk of error.
  • Installation compliance
    • A European leader, Caneco has obtained 4 technical approvals (NFC 15-100, BS, RGIE and NIN) and integrates 14 international standards into its calculation engine.
  • Scalability for the most complex projects
    • Caneco is the state-of-the-art solution to meet the needs of the most demanding projects. Take advantage of the tools available to cover all the needs of Low-Voltage electrical installation designers.
Caneco screenshot


Caneco solves the biggest challenges in electrical design by ensuring data integrity throughout the design process and automating key operations and workflows. Manual data entry is reduced and incorrect data or data loss is reliably prevented. Time lost when switching between different software tools is eliminated and the management of regularly occurring change requests is accelerated considerably. These unique features of a comprehensive software suite with a consistent data base also benefit you in the transition from Medium- to Low-Voltage, such as in your BIM projects.

In addition, Caneco offers the security of complying with regulatory requirements and electrical standards as well as the sustainability criteria of your project.

Extensive manufacturer catalogues and Caneco's manufacturer-agnostic philosophy free you from restrictions in the design options of your projects. Access historical catalogues to support brownfield projects and building retrofitting. Experience efficient and sustainable electrical design - Caneco fulfils your requirements.

Caneco screenshot

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    Caneco - Introduction

    Caneco - Introduction

    The all-in-one software suite for electrical engineering.

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    Caneco brochure

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