Evaluate Flicker Levels Against Emission Limits​


Improve Power Quality with Flicker Evaluation

ETAP’s FlickerMeter evaluates flicker compliance against emission limits. Flicker calculations comply with IEC 61000-4-15, which is the standard for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
FlickerMeter App
FlickerMeter is part of the Power Quality applications in ETAP. FlickerMeter allows importing CSV-formatted data files and analyzes up to 20 signals at each run, to evaluate flicker compliance against emission limits.
Flicker calculations comply with IEC 61000-4-15 which is the standard for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the calculation provides instantaneous, short-term (PST), and long-term (PLT) flicker indices based on a voltage waveform loaded into the calculator.
The purpose of this analysis is to determine the level of flicker in a voltage waveform originating from various starting and stopping actions of equipment and continuous time-varying loads within a system with, for example, induction machines or arc furnaces.

Key Features

  • Instantaneous, short-term (PST), and long-term (PLT) flicker indices​
  • Compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - IEC 61000-4-15​
  • Fast-responsive built-in plotting tool ​
  • Signal processing capability​
    • Accepts CSV input voltage waveforms​
    • Up to 20 signals can be analyzed at once​
    • Handles up to 500 million data points (6.5 GB file size)​
    • Accepts waveform data with 3 common delimiters (comma, space, semicolon) ​
    • Input data statistics ​
    • Handles both 60Hz and 50Hz input data​
    • Automatically fills in NaN or non-numeric values in the input data


FlickerMeter Functionality

This video explains how to load the a CSV file, and how to zoom into visualized data in the plot widow to see more data detail.


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