Specifications for Power System Analysis

MasterFormat® Specification 26 05 73.10

Electrical Power System Studies - New or Upgraded Construction

Well specified power systems study requirements are critical to the success of any project as it will reduce the challenge of choosing a qualified service provider and the best power system analysis software for the job.

The system study specification document describes the project scope, analysis types, and the required deliverables. The study specification must be written to match the specific project and industry requirements and will vary based on the type of analysis.

The product specification document is based on the MasterFormat Section 26 05 73.10 (formerly 16050). These project bid specification format is commonly used in the architectural and construction industry. Our power systems analysis specpecification is written to fit most projects and highlights the areas of the specifications which may be removed or updated base on project scope.

MasterFormat Specification
26 05 73.10

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This guide specification is written in accordance with the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat. This section must be carefully reviewed and edited by the architect or the engineer to meet the requirements of the project. Coordinate this section with other specification sections within the Contract Documents and Drawings.

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To properly use / edit this document, show formatting and hidden text by selecting ¶ on the menu or by typing (Ctrl+*) simultaneously. Except for these introductory and closing paragraphs, green hidden text will not print. Text in red is optional. Red text in [brackets] denotes multiple options where one or more should be chosen. All red text should be edited and changed to black for final project conformation. User-definable information is highlighted in Yellow. In addition, these introductory paragraphs should be deleted or changed to hidden text.

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