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Transformer Sizing

Transformer Sizing Analysis

The ETAP Transformer Sizing software provides a comprehensive tool for sizing of the transformer MVA rating and impedance for 1-phase and 3-phase, two-winding transformers, based on ANSI/IEEE and IEC standards. 


Transformer Sizing Software Key Features

  • Sizing based on actual connected or operating load
  • ANSI & IEC standard types, classes, & ratings
  • Considers ambient temperature, altitude, load growth, & load factors
  • MVA Sizing based on multiple cooling stages

Transformer Sizing Software Standards

  • ANSI / IEEE - C57.12
  • ANSI / IEEE - C57.92
  • ANSI / IEEE - C57.96
  • IEC 60076
  • IEC 60726
ANSI and IEC standards provide a set of guidelines and derating factors to be used to determine if a transformer can handle its required operating load. Inadequately sized transformers may shorten the equipment operating life or cause overloading failures.

The transformer sizing calculation method used by the ETAP software considers several factors like ambient temperature, altitude, cooling stage and type (dry or liquid fill).

ETAP transformer sizing analysis software considers the expected future growth of the required load and takes the appropriate adjusting factors into account.

The power transformer short-circuit requirement “transformer impedance and basic impulse level (BIL)”, are also considered by the MVA transformer sizing module. The module has built in functions that compare the calculated transformer size and impedance against the minimum values recommended by the standards.



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