Line Sag & Tension Software

Line Sag & Tension

Line Sag & Tension Analysis

Transmission & Distribution Overhead Lines
ETAP Transmission & Distribution Line Sag and Tension Analysis module is an important tool to perform sag and tension calculation for transmission and distribution lines to ensure adequate operating condition for the lines.
Line Sag & Tension Analysis

If the tension applied on a line is beyond its limit, the line conductor could be damaged, and the transmission capacity and life span of the line will be reduced. If the sag is too large, it may cause a short circuit between the line and objects below it or a short circuit between lines in extremely windy conditions.

Line Sag & Tension Software Key Features

  • Calculate line sag and tension vs. temperature
  • Handle multiple overhead line spans between dead-end structures
  • Allow transmission line spans with unequal length
  • Allow spans on different horizontal levels
  • Include effects of wind, temperature, & k factor




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