Graphical Dynamic Model Software

User-Defined Dynamic Models

User-Defined Dynamic Models

The ETAP User-Defined Dynamic Models software can be used to build complex machine control diagrams via a graphical editor, customizable block libraries, and solvers for modeling and simulating dynamic systems.
A generator with exciter and turbine


Build control block diagrams needed to simulate the behavior of machines in Transient Stability and Generator Start-Up simulations. Combine with DPET to tune the control block parameters based on field measreusments for grid code compliance such as NERC. The User-Defined Dynamic Models provide independent self-testing via load rejection, load acceptance, and terminal bus faults for validation of models and their dynamic behavior.

Users are able to create dynamic models without the need to buy additional MATLAB Simulink® software. The software consists of Graphical Logic Editor (GLE) that can build control transfer function block diagrams. The User-Defined Dynamic Models software also includes a detailed compiler with comprehensive initialization routines that utilizes control block diagrams to simulate dynamic responses to power system disturbances through the Transient Stability software.


User-Defined Dynamic Models Key Features

  • Graphical Logical Editor
  • Drag and drop interface for building custom control block diagrams
  • Integrated with transient stability models
  • Wide variety of blocks for building models
  • Library of pre-defined UDM models to create complex models
  • Customize existing UDM models
  • UDM for Inverter with Norton / Thevenin Network Interface 
  • Compile & test directly from the UDM builder
  • Dynamic Model Compiler
  • Real-Time compiling & linking of models
  • Control element toolbars including transfer blocks, input ports, output ports, etc.
  • Automatic UDM links to components
  • Create & edit models for Exciters/AVR, Turbine-Governors, Power System Stabilizers, Dynamic Loads, Shunt Devices, Energy Storage, Wind Turbine Generators, Solar Power Plants, and more.
  • Renewable Energy and Grid Forming Inverter Models 
  • Various model testing methods such as Load Acceptance, Load Rejection and Fault
  • Utilize with ETAP Dynamic Parameter Estimation & Tuning
  • PlotView
Control system diagram displayed in ETAPUDM-Scope-Plot-View

Custom Block Diagrams

  • Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)
  • Power System Stabilizers (PSS)
  • Generator Exciters
  • Turbines / Engines
  • Speed Governors / Controllers
  • Static and Dynamic Shunt Models
  • Dynamic Load Models
  • Wind Turbine Generator
  • Solar Photovoltaic Array
  • Energy Storage

User-Defined Dynamic Models Capabilities

  • Transient stability
  • Generator start-up
  • Motor acceleration
  • Synchronous motor startup
  • Frequency-dependent models
  • Bus voltage support mode · Intermediate State Graphs & Result Comparison
  • Network Parameter Tuning

ETAP provides services to build, link, simulate, and tune control systems for generators & Renewable Energy Sources using ETAP User-Defined Dynamic Modeling (UDM) and Vendor-specific ‘black box’ dynamic link libraries (DLL).


User-Defined Dynamic Models (UDM)

User-Defined Dynamic Models (UDM)

The User-Defined Dynamic Models (UDM) program allows for a more robust “element-level” and “plant-level” control system simulation. ETAP UDM performance is optimized for simulation of energy storage devices, wind turbine controls, PV system inverters, and generic machine models.

Dynamic Response Analysis using UDM Scope Plot View

Dynamic Response Analysis using UDM Scope Plot View

ETAP UDM is used to build complex control diagrams for machines & renewable energy systems via a graphical editor and includes solvers for simulating system dynamics. Learn how to use UDM Plot View to compare & analyze these dynamic simulation results from single or multiple cases in a quick & efficient manner.


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