Core Modules for Modeling & Project Management


ETAP Base Package

Built-on A Continuous Intelligence Digital-Twin Platform

ETAP Base Package includes a set of modeling tools, built-in analysis applications, scripting features, study reports, engineering design rules, project management solutions, and device libraries.

ETAP Power System Software Core Module enables you to create, configure, organize, customize, manage, and maintain your ETAP Electrical Digital Twin Platform.

  • Record the Past
  • Understand the Present
  • Predict the Future
ETAP Electrical Digital Twin Platform

Core Modules & Capabilities

ETAP Base Package is a comprehensive array of core modules and solutions for power system Modeling, Visualization, and Analysis.

Multi-Dimension Digital Twin Platform

Unique to ETAP is the transformation of a multi-dimensional platforms to allow for Unified Presentations, Status Configurations, Data Revisions, Time Series Parameters within the same project database.

  • Presentations
    Unlimited Graphical Visualization, Multi-layered Nested Networks, Results, Hide Devices
  • Configurations
    Unlimited Configurations, Switching Device Status, Configuration Manager
  • Revisions
    Unlimited Data Revisions, Visualize & Manage, Merge / Delete, Data Modifications, Accept / Reject Changes
  • Wizards
    Auto-Run Studies, Record & Manage Project Scenarios,
    Auto-Compare Results

Electrical Single-Line Diagram & Power Network Modeling

Network Editor

  • Integrated 1Ф, 2Ф, 3Ф, & DC systems
  • Grounding systems
  • One-click modeling
  • Build & modify one-line diagram
  • Voltage propagation
  • Error checking
  • Intelligent electrical diagrams with smart connections
  • Layered drawings for subsystems
  • Single-Line Diagram (SLD) Templates
  • Automatic equipment connection mode
  • Built-in Intelligent Graphics
  • Network Classifications
  • Network Nesting
  • Smart Zoom & Pan Windows
  • Circuit tracing - source, load, point-to-point
  • Hide & show protective devices & equipment grounding
  • Synchronized GIS & one-line diagram views
  • Batch Printing with View-Dependent Printer Setting

Power System Modeling & Design Software

Unlimited Elements

  • AC & DC Power
  • Instruments
  • Renewables
  • Multi-Phase & Multi-Wire
  • Earthing Types & Configurations
  • Unlimited Buses* – License-dependent at run-time
  • ANSI & IEC Device Designations
  • User-Defined Symbols
* There is no limit to the number of buses & elements that can be built in a project with ETAP Base Package.  Number of Buses/nodes are license dependent at run-time

Power System Field Data Collection & Synchronization Applicatio

Smart Data Entry

User-friendly data interface, etapAPP, Multi-level Error Checking, Batch Processing.

  • etapAPP™
    Tablet-based Field Data Collection & Synchronization
    – iPadOS®, Windows®
  • Batch Processing & Defaults
    Global default data substitution, Copy & Paste Properties from defaults
  • Multi-level Error Checking
    Intelligent input data error checking, data consistency validation based on electrical engineering principles

Intelligent Power System Design Tools

Intelligent Tools

  • Auto-Build
    Automated One-Line Creation, Rule-based Spacing & Smart Alignment, Voltage Propagation
  • DataBlock
    Customized Input Data & Study Results, Tooltips, Templates, Fonts, Formats
  • Circuit Tools
    Continuity, Tracing, Energized Status, Property Lock, Voltage Propagation
  • User-Access Control & Security
    Multi-Role User-Level Management, Active Directory Authentication
  • Engineering Calculators
    Built-in Power Calculator, Waveform & Vector Plots, Percent, Per Unit or Actual Values
  • Rulebooks
    Global and Local Industry Rules & Standards, Company Guidelines, Grid Codes, Compliance
  • Templates
    Create & Utilize Unlimited One-Line Diagram Templates
  • Switching Device Interlock Enforcer
    Automatic Enforcement & Conflict Checking of Switching Interlock Logics

Electrical Network Modeling & Visualization Software

System Managers

Time-saving modeling, visualization, plotting, & reporting management tools

  • Data Manager
    View, copy, merge engineering properties of each device in a tabular fashion for each data revision
  • Theme Manager
    Look & Feel using Layers, Rule-Based & Custom Colors, Fonts, Result Format
  • Plot Manager
    Live Plot Views, Plot Analyzer, Multiple Studies, Python™ Scripting & Charting
  • Report Manager
    Customize Graphical Output Reports, Excel®, Word®,
    Crystal Reports®, PDF

Cable Ampacity & Sizing

Cable Analysis & Line Calculations

Built-in Cable Ampacity & Sizing, Transmission Line calculation modules.

** Not included as part the standard Base Package in USA and ANSI countries.

Auto Cable Sizing & Batch Cable Managemen

Cable Manager

Time-saving tool for consolidated tabular viewing, filters, sorting, global changes, and reporting of cable data.

  • Batch Cable Management
  • Multi-Cable Sizing & Shock Protection Evaluation
  • Intelligent Search & Filtering
  • Customizable Cable Reports
  • Export to Excel

Power System Design, Reporting, Tracking, & Scripting Tools

Reporting & Scripting

Comprehensive data reporting including tools to extended project deliverables and system study task management.

  • Schedule Reports
    Preview & Print Input Data Sheet Formats: Induction Machine, Transformer, Cable, Line, Reactor, Bus & Load Tabulation
  • Python Scripting
    Study Automation, Reports, Plots, Properties, Status, Settings
  • Project Tracking & Gantt
    Built-in task management and Gantt chart features to track tasks and progress system study projects directly in ETAP

ETAP Electrical Digital Twin for Operations

ETAP Real-Time Connector ***

Embedded solution to extend and connect the ETAP Digital Twin Model with Metering Tags for Online Power System Monitoring, Simulation, Prediction, Control, and Automation.

*** Additional solution licensing is required for utilizing the ETAP-Real-Time applications.

Power System Software Model Conversion & Data Exchange

Data Exchange & Model Conversion Tools

Automatically convert from legacy power system analysis software to ETAP. Built-in data exchange tools to third-party programs for various data formats.

  • Database Conversion
    Import Legacy SKM Power*Tools®, ESA EasyPower®, Siemens PSS®E, MATPOWER®, CYME®, Milsoft WindMil Map®, IEEE®, ANAFAS ®
  • Data Export
  • Export to AutoCAD® DXF™, Metafile, Project Packaging & Sharing
  • DataHub™
    Gateway for ETAP Data Exchange tools  & Third-party interfaces

Power System Engineering Libraries & Protective Device Models

Engineering Libraries 

Industry-standard for the most comprehensive Verified & Validated engineering libraries. The latest library updates are included with every release and available for download from ETAP Help Center™.

  • Network Equipment Libraries
    Cable & Fire Protection, Line (Phase & Ground), Transformer, Motor Nameplate, Motor Dynamic & Characteristic Models, Motor Load Characteristic, Wind Turbine, Solar Photovoltaic, Battery (Pb & Li-Ion), Harmonic, Reliability, Profile, Rectifier, Train Rolling Stock, Battery, Control Relay, Contact, Solenoid
  • Protection Device Libraries
    Fuse, Multi-Function Relays (21, 27, 32, 49, 50, 51, 59, 67, 81, 87), Reclosers (Electronic, Hydraulic), HV & LV Circuit Breakers, Overload Heater, Thermal Magnetic Trip, Solid State Trip, Motor Circuit Protector, GFCI/RCD
  • Warehouse – Project Specific Libraries
    Overhead Line, Overhead Catenary, Power Cables, Distribution Transformer, Circuit Breakers, Fuse, Railway Track, Equipment Reliability

ETAP Power System Software Multi-Language Editions

Multi-Language Editions

ETAP Multi-Language releases are localized in several languages including the software interface, analysis modules, user guides, and output reports.

  • English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese****
**** Japanese Language Edition requires an additional charge.

Power Engineering Software with Proven Quality Assurance Program

Verification & Validation

Complete ETAP Lifecycle including Digital Twin Platform, Interface, Calculation Modules, Calculators, Displays, Results, Libraries Complies:

  • 10 CFR 50 (B), 10 CFR 21, 10 CFR 50.55, ASME NQA-1, IEEE 730.1, ANSI/ASME N45.2 & N45.2.2, CAN/CSA-Q 396.1.2,
    ISO 9001