SEE Electrical Expert

Software for Electrical Engineering

SEE Electrical Expert

SEE Electrical Expert is a versatile Electrical CAD software for electrical engineers to efficiently design schematics, wirings and terminal strips.

All the power of Electrical CAD dedicated to industrial automation and electrical harnesses

Annual subscription
  • Efficient schematic editor for single and multi-lines diagrams.
  • Wiring Diagrams and Electrical schematics management.
  • BOM and customizable reports.
  • Terminal strip plan generation.
  • PDF export, DWG import/export.
  • Exchange of project data by xml, xlsx and others.
  • Revision and error management.
  • Extensive electrical symbol libraries with an editor.
  • Equipment catalogue editor.
Annual subscription

Launch features plus:

  • Full wiring and cables management with optimization.
  • PLC design management.
  • 2D panel layout editor.
  • Cabinet Thermal calculation.
Annual subscription

Launch and Grow features plus:

  • Export/Import of all technical data of the project.
  • Options & Variants.
  • PLM / ERP interface.
  • Advanced report management for revisions.
  • Equipment catalogue shared on MS SQL.
  • Advanced user environment management.


The Highest Standard of Electrical CAD for industrial systems

SEE Electrical Expert is a comprehensive Electrical CAD software for electrical engineers to efficiently design schematics, wiring, and terminal strips.

SEE Electrical Expert is dedicated for electrical professionals, offering advanced design capabilities, from 2D panels engineering, through wire and cable management to PLC design, to streamline workflows and improve productivity. Fully customizable environments and methods for creating electrical projects is one of the main features of the software. A wiring management with both internal and external connections is included in the software, as well as automatic wiring optimization.

Options and variants functionality allow the electrical design of different variants of the connection network between symbols in the project. This software for electrical engineering can be expanded with additional modules, like an Automatic Diagram Generation.

SEE Electrical Expert can be purchased in three levels – Launch, Grow and Scale.

SEE Electrical Expert Key Features

The SEE Electrical Expert designing program has been optimized to help you design advanced electrical, automation and specific diagrams. This type of high-level software cad is dedicated for electrical designers working in a design office.

  • Creating electrical diagrams and bills of materials is the main feature of this high-level software. Extensive symbol libraries and multi-manufacturers equipment catalogue are accessible to speed your work. After creating diagrams, you can make the automatic reports, such us basic BOM. Provides you the ability to import and export in different formats such as PDF, DWG, DXF, DXB and EMF. The 2D and 3D panel layout editor enables the rapid design of electrical cabinets and switchboards.
  • Fully customizable environments and methods of creating electrical projects is an important feature. You can customize this software according to customer's needs and create specific designing. It is a complex software to manage big extensive designing with variations, collaborate with different technical branches and set up best design processes across organizations.
  • Advanced wiring, cables, terminal strips, plc, connectors management is accessible. with the selection of cable in terms of type, number of conductors, colors of conductors increase the quality of your project. You can manage PLC by using built-in PLC configurator, with automatic generation of PLC inputs/outputs in your diagrams.
SEE Features


  • Comprehensive Electrical CAD Software.
  • Improved Efficiency by streamlining the electrical design process, reducing errors, and saving time.
  • Improved Productivity by performing detailed schematics tasks, automate project generation, and manage options and variants of your design.
  • Improved Design Flexibility with the possibility of adapting the design process and design method to customer requirements.
  • Improved Modularity management with the creation of modules for bigger machine.
  • Improved Variation management with easy creation of options and variants of the electrical machine.
  • Improved Accuracy with easy generation of your completed documentation and seamlessly collaboration with co-workers and business partners.
  • Improved Safety & Compliance by using industry standards reducing errors and simplifying compliance.
SEE Electrical Expert Overview

Electrical CAD software with additional modules

SEE Electrical Expert is an Electrical CAD software which enables electrical professionals to design, document, and maintain complex electrical schematics. This is high-standard software that enables efficient drawing of difficult and specific electrical and automation diagrams. You can customize it to be compliant with your customer's needs. The product has some additional modules, which up his features:

  • SEE WEB Catalogue, an electrical database of devices
  • SEE Electrical 3D Panel for designing 3D Cabinets
  • Harness Engineering for designing harnesses
  • Automatic Diagram Generation for generation of the projects (available only for Scale)
  • SEE Project Manager for projects database management
  • Multi-languages for translating texts into different languages.
SEE Electrical Expert Overview

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At Velec Systems, every machine is unique - we're not into standardization. However, it's highly likely that we'll get there. Particularly if the company decides to outsource. In this case, every specification will have to be perfectly structured with defined plans. With SEE Electrical Expert's blocks, standard diagrams and other functionalities, we can easily implement effective standardization without losing performance. And let's not forget our training courses, which are always highly relevant! 

- Velec Systems, Mr Benjamin Fautrelle

The use of SEE Electrical Expert was the logical continuation of the evolution of the company. With the current challenges and climate problems, we had to double our workforce in the space of a few years to meet the demand for solutions capable of both:

  • Achieve specific objectives in terms of water quality
  • Reduce costs related to water consumption
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of our customers globally (water, energy and release of chemical substances, etc.).

From there, we could no longer be satisfied with a “basic” software, without any real evolution in terms of electrical project management. The use of SEE Electrical Expert has represented a positive turning point for the company, for its customers and for the environment since it gives us the ability to work on several important files at the same time. 

- Chemdoc Water Technologies, Mr Christophe Lemaître

We chose to switch to SEE Electrical Expert when we won the Merck laboratory contract. The reason? SEE Electrical Expert enables us to optimize file production, thanks to the automatic creation of folio recaps, terminal strips, material lists and automatic cross-references. In concrete terms, it's a software package that, if properly configured and used, enables us to carry out all these tasks quickly and without error. As far as getting to grips with the software is concerned, the design office team adopted it very well at the time. And the same goes for all newcomers to the design office. If a customer doesn't force us to use another software package, they all opt for SEE Electrical Expert.

- Equans Ineo, Mr Régis Pariselle


SEE Electrical Expert Introduction

SEE Electrical Expert Introduction

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Flyer SEE Electrical Expert V5R2

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    Brochure SEE Electrical Expert v5r2

    Brochure SEE Electrical Expert v5r2

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