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DC Control Systems Diagram

DC CSD Analysis

DC Control Systems Diagram for circuit breaker control circuit
The Control Systems Diagram (CSD) has the capability of determining pickup and dropout voltages, losses, and current flows at any time instance as well as overall marginal and critical alerts. A large library of equipment enables engineers to quickly model and simulate the action of relays associated with control interlocks after given time delays.

DC Control Systems Diagram Software Key Features

  • Graphical animation of complex control logic with or without voltage drop calculation
  • Include time-dependent loads of control systems in battery discharge & sizing calculation
  • Operator initiated control actions and/or auto-run mode
  • Display and alert overloading as well as pickup/dropout voltage violations
  • Flexible device modeling with user-defined duty cycle or actual inrush/burden rating
  • Validate the voltage requirements of controlling devices
  • Generate automatic alerts for pickup & dropout voltage
  • View detailed operating states of the devices with Event Viewer
DC Control Systems Diagram for motor starter control circuit

DC Control Systems Diagram Software Capabilities

  • Detailed representation of control systems
  • Integrated with ETAP one-line diagram
  • Step-by-step simulation of control system operation sequence
  • Simulation of logic interlocks between controlling devices & contacts
  • Calculation of device operating voltage & current
  • Modeling of device burden & inrush modes
  • Alert violations for operating voltage, current, & voltage pickup
  • Built-in logic between control devices & contacts
  • Multiple sources to a control system
  • User’s selectable modeling of protective device & contact resistance
  • Coil/solenoid resistance temperature adjustment
  • Cable/wire length adjustment
  • Battery discharge calculation using sequence-of-operation control diagrams

Study Cases

  • Voltage drops, losses, power flows, etc.
  • Sequence-of-operation action summary log
  • Input data, detailed voltage drop, & summaries
  • Flag device pickup/dropout voltage violations
  • Flag element current violations
  • Export output reports to Word, PDF or Excel
  • Saves solution control parameters for each scenario
  • Make changes to your system & re-run studies instantly
  • Conduct unlimited "what if" studies within one database
  • Option to update initial conditions, voltage profiles, & duty cycles



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