Integrated Arc Flash Software Suite

AC Arc Flash

IEEE 1584-2018, NFPA 70E

ArcFault™ - High Voltage Arc Flash

OSHA 1910.269, National Electrical Safety Code - NESC

DC Arc Flash

NFPA 70E, Maximum Power, Stokes & Oppenlander and Paukert

Arc Flash Calculators

IEEE 1584-2018, BGI/GUV-I 5188, DC and High Voltage Arc Flash

All-in-one software solution for performing AC and DC arc flash analysis on LV, MV, and HV systems.


IEEE 1584-2018 Arc Flash Incident Engery Calculation Method

IEEE 1584-2018 Arc Flash Calculation

The 2018 IEEE 1584 model supersedes the IEEE 1584-2002 model. Learn how the IEEE 1584 2018 model combines empirical and arc flash physical behavior. Learn more

High Voltage Arc Flash for T&D, Industrial and Renewable Systems

ArcFault™ - High Voltage Arc Flash

Arc Flash analysis software for electric power systems operating at 15 kV and above in compliance with OSHA’s requirements for electrical transmission, distribution, industrial and renewable energy systems. Learn more

Arc Flash Analysis for 1 kV to 800 kV

  • OSHA 1910.269
  • National Electrical Safety Code - NESC
  • LG, LL, 3-Phase arc faults
  • Arc-in-a-box - 15 kV to 36 kV

Direct Current Arc Flash Analysis

ETAP DC Arc Flash software calculates the incident energy for different types of direct current applications, including mission critical facilities, electrochemical plants, substation battery banks, photovoltaic plants, nuclear plants, and transportation systems. Learn more

DC Arc Flash Incident Energy Calculation

  • Incident energy & shock protection boundary calculations
  • Maximum Power, Stokes & Oppenlander, Paukert Methods
  • NFPA 70E 2018 Annex D.5.1 to D.5.3

Arc Flash Calculators

Arc Flash Calculators

Quick ‘What-if’ Scenarios & Instant Result Visualization

ETAP Arc Flash Calculators provide a powerful graphical tool for rapid assessment of multiples or batches of “what if” scenarios.

Graphical Arc Flash Calculators

  • IEEE 1584-2018 Std. Arc Flash Calculator
  • IEEE 1584-2002 Std. CL Fuse & Breaker Calculator
  • DC Arc Flash Calculator
  • High Voltage Arc Flash Calculator – OSHA, NESC
  • BGI/GUV 5188E German Std. Arc Flash Calculator

Safety & Protection Software Package

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Introduction to ETAP Arc Flash, analysis module. Learn how to get started with Arc Flash.

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