Motor Parameter Estimation Software

Motor Parameter Estimation

Motor Parameter Estimation Analysis

The ETAP Motor Parameter Estimation program calculates equivalent circuit model parameters for motor at starting condition.
Motor Parameter update editor

The calculation is based on advanced mathematical estimation and curve fitting techniques, which require only the machine performance characteristic data.

The estimated model, together with its parameters, can be used to represent the motor dynamics during motor starting and transient stability studies.

Machine characteristic curves based on the estimated model are automatically updated into the corresponding motor editor. Additional key machine characteristic and nameplate data are automatically calculated based upon the estimated model.

Motor Parameter Estimation Software Key Features

  • Estimate machine equivalent circuit parameters
  • Require only machine standard performance data
  • Handle single cage models with deep-bar effects
  • Auto-update the model parameters into machine editor
  • Automatically recalculate machine characteristics
Parameter estimation editor for selected motor parameters

Motor Parameter Estimation Software Capabilities

  • Input locked-rotor current, power factor & torque
  • Full load power factor, efficiency & rated slip
  • Maximum torque
  • Estimate machine model (with deep bar effect) parameters
  • Generator machine characteristic curves: torque-slip, current-slip & power factor-slip
  • Model parameters and other key data auto-updated to machine editor
  • Model is ready for motor starting & transient stability studies
Parameter estimation editor for selected motor curves

Reporting & Plotting

  • Export output reports to your favorite word processor
  • Use Crystal Reports for full color, customizable reports
  • State-of-the-art graphic display of results
  • Machine Model (with deep bar effect)
  • Torque-slip
  • Current-slip
  • Power factor-slip
  • Auto-update to machine editor
Complete MPE report for selected motor



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