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June 21 - 23, 2022
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The ETAP Nuclear Utility Users Group has been established to create a discussion platform between ETAP and their clients using ETAP solutions, supporting activities for nuclear power generating stations. The ETAP NUUG consists of members representing the common goals and needs of the nuclear power industry. Membership is open to all licensed ETAP Nuclear Users and other licensed ETAP Users associated in nuclear activities.

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NUUG Goals

The purpose of the ETAP NUUG is to provide a discussion platform for its members to share
and discuss items related to ETAP and the nuclear power industry.


Evaluate and review recent revisions to the software


Allow and encourage the exchange of member experiences and ideas for the use of the program


Collaborate on recommendations for future enhancements to the software


Address errors or deficiencies in the software from user evaluation.


Provide consolidated & prioritized feedback to ETAP® in relation to practical operating experience from the nuclear power industry


Share techniques and philosophies used in analyzing the auxiliary systems of nuclear power plants

ETAP NUUG Executive Committee



Timothy Lensmire

NextEra Energy

(920) 755-7685


Technical Chairman

Jeff Weibelt

Southern Nuclear
Operating Company

(205) 992-7649


Associate Chairman/Secretary

Preston Cooper

TVA Nuclear

(423) 751-7697

etap big daddy award

The Big Daddy Award

The “Big Daddy” Award is presented to a member who has actively contributed for many years to the ETAP NUUC.

The award recognizes the recipient’s long term contribution to the nuclear power industry by partnering with ETAP.

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ETAP NUUG Special Report

In March 2013, ETAP NUUG formed the ETAP NUUG Open-Phase Task Force, a team of power system analysis experts from Duke Energy, Enercon Services, Inc., Exelon Corp., MPR Associates, Inc., Sargent & Lundy, LLC, Southern Nuclear, and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

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The Case for Online Monitoring Using ETAP Real-Time™ in a Nuclear Power Plant

 Case Studies

At a given nuclear power plant, nuclear safety is directly dependent on a reliable source of electric power supplied via the plant’s auxiliary power system. The auxiliary power system typically consists of an MV and LV AC and a DC distribution system, powering thousands of individual loads and circuits, i.e., pumps, fans, valves, sensors, and controls specifically designed to protect the integrity of the nuclear reactor and containment structures. This presentation will explore past practices and recent developments in the online monitoring of such systems using a digital twin. The presentation includes the reasons for utilizing online monitoring, the advantages of using a digital twin versus simple data collection, and the multi-faceted benefits realized from such a system (i.e., business, safety, reliability).

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