Cable Systems

Cable Systems

ETAP Cable Systems help engineers design cable systems to operate to their maximum potential while providing secure and reliable operation. The process is systematic and simple.
  • Cable Sizing

    Calculate optimal & alternative cable sizes

  • Cable Thermal Analysis

    Design, analyze, and size cables in underground raceway systems

  • Cable Pulling

    Cable pulling tension calculator using 3D graphcial layout

  • PE Conductor Sizing

    Protective earthing / ground conductor sizing calculation tool

  • NEC NFPA 70

    Cable ampacity calculation based on National Electrical Code

  • IEEE 399

    Cable ampacity calculation based on IEEE recommended practice for industrial and commercial power systems

  • ICEA P-54-440

    Cable ampacitiy calculation based on ICEA / NEMA standard for cable tray installations

  • IEC 60502

    Cable capacity calculations for power cables per IEC 60502

  • IEC 60364

    Cable capacity calculations for low voltage per IEC 60364-5-52 & IEC 60364-4-41

  • IEC 60092

    Cable capacity calculations for power cables in ships & offshore units

  • BS 7671

    Cable sizing & capacity for low voltage installations

  • NF C 15-100

    French Standard cable capacity & sizing: NF C 15-100 Installations électriques à basse tension

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