Autodesk Revit® Interface

Revit Interface

ETAP-Revit Data Exchange

Validate Revit Electrical BIM design with ETAP modeling & analysis software
The ETAP-Revit bi-directional data exchange simplifies the electrical design process by utilizing the data already in the Autodesk Revit® model to automatically generate electrical models in ETAP to perform calculations and checks.

The ETAP-Revit data exchange tool provides designer and engineers the flexibility to transfer electrical data and connectivity between Autodesk Revit’s Building Information Models and  ETAP’s intelligent electrical power system modeling & analysis software.

  • Validate the Revit Electrical BIM with ETAP
  • Improve engineering design quality
  • Reduce cost by significantly reducing hours needed to perform system studies
  • Avoid duplicate / incorrect data entry
  • Direct communication with Autodesk Revit
  • Flexibility to use all ETAP modules for analysis

Key Features

  • Direct Two-Way Communication with Revit
  • Intelligent Default Auto Mapping & Interface
  • Import Revit drawings to ETAP one-line diagram
  • Import Revit Load Classification to ETAP Load Code Factor
  • Auto-generation of one-line diagram
  • Export ETAP Simulation Results to Revit
  • Customizable panel schedule loads data transfer
  • Customizable Universal Mapping of components
  • Data range & consistency checking
  • Typical data substitution for missing parameters
  • Use ETAP Engineering Library data 
  • Smart Connect: Revit Plug-in to ETAP
ETAP Revit

    Revit - ETAP Universal Mapping

    ETAP uses the information available in Revit for automatically generating an one-line diagram including unlimited sub-systems and populating element properties.

    Intelligent error checking maintains electrical integrity of ETAP’s element properties during the data exchange process.

    A universal mapping tool is used to define direct relations between ETAP element properties and Revit equipment attributes.

    Universal Mapping





    ETAP - Revit Data Exchange

    ETAP - Revit Data Exchange

    The ETAP-Revit data exchange utility simplifies the electrical design process by utilizing data already available in a Autodesk Revit® model. The interface automatically generates electrical models in ETAP to perform calculations and checks.


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