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Optimal Power Flow

Optimal Power Flow Analysis

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The Optimal Power Flow module solves power system load flow, optimizes system operating conditions, and adjusts control variable settings, while ensuring system constraints are not violated.
Optimal Power Flow Analysis
An optimized system will reduce the installation and/or operating cost, improve overall system performance, and increase its reliability and security. The program also provides a variety of other choices of optimization objectives, which covers virtually all the optimization criteria for a real power system.

Any practical control methods in a power system are considered in the calculation. Constraints for bus voltage, branch flow in different types (MVA, MW, Mvar, and Amp), as well as control variable adjustable bounds are also available for users to select and utilize.


Optimal Power Flow Software Key Features

  • Minimize system real & reactive power losses
  • Minimize generation fuel costs
  • Minimize system energy costs
  • Maximize system performance
  • Optimize power exchange with other systems (on-site generation, utilities, IPP’s, & power grids)
  • Minimize load shedding
  • Minimize generator fuel cost or heat rate with different cost models & fuel profiles
  • Control generator’s MW (governor) & MVAR
  • (AVR) settings within the specified limits
  • Control voltage regulators (transformer tap positions) within the specified limits
  • Size capacitors within the specified limits
  • Maximize voltage & flow security indices
  • Determine control settings



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