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Load Forecasting is an ideal tool for industrial users as well as utilities to reliably and accurately forecast future short term loading in the system.


Load Forecasting Key Benefits

  • Adaptive Bus Load Forecasting
  • Real-Time Trending
  • Load Profile Library
  • Forecasting Scenario Archiving
  • Predict loading up to seven days ahead
  • Forecast multiple load areas per individual meters
  • User-adjustable weather variables & load profiles
  • Revise forecasts based on loading & weather conditions
  • Pattern & load profile libraries
  • Import & export historical forecast data
  • Unlimited forecast views
Predicting loading up to seven days ahead

Data Trending

ETAP Data Trending is a user-friendly and flexible trending application that supports real-time as well as archived data trending.

  • View up to 20 trends in one window
  • Create & view unlimited trend windows
  • Auto-scale trends & auto-center plots
  • Movable cross-hair for reading data values
  • Zooming, scrolling backward / forward in time
  • Choose background, grid, & plot styles
  • Overlap different time frames in a single view
Data Trending

Adaptive Forecasting

ETAP Load Forecasting utilizes sophisticated algorithms to correlate multiple input variables such as predicted weather conditions along with historical data such as meter point loading and weather conditions to construct a forecast model.
Adaptive Forecasting



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