SEE Electrical 3D Panel

SEE Electrical 3D Panel

3D electrical cabinet designing and manufacturing

Design and produce electrical panels in the 3D environment!

Annual subscription
  • Efficient 3D cabinet layout designing.
  • Extensive 3d symbol libraries.
  • Wire channels and rails management.
  • Collisions checking.
  • Documentation Designer.
  • Copper busbar design.
  • Smart 3D parts creation.
Annual subscription

Design features plus:

  • Automatic wire routing and lengths calculation.
  • Creation of drilling plan.
  • Generation of list of wires From >> To.
  • End fitting management.
  • Other outputs for manufacturing.
  • Control Cabinet Manufacturing 4.0.


SEE Electrical 3D Panel is a program dedicated to the designing and manufacturing electrical cabinets, switchboards and panels.

SEE Electrical 3D Panel allows you to design and manufacture electrical cabinets by using a professional and intuitive interface. Application reads data from electrical projects made in SEE Electrical and SEE Electrical Expert software or from other electrical cad systems.

SEE Electrical 3D Panel is a standalone application, and can be used like an add-on too in SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical Expert respectively. This software can be purchased in two levels – Design and Manufacturing.

Each level offers a range of services at a different price point so that you can select the level that suits your company needs, but it is recommended to buy full version,
to enjoy all the integrated possibilities.

Production offices that use electrical documentation prepared in our SEE programs, should use this application to build cabinets.

SEE Electrical 3D Panel Key Features

The SEE Electrical 3D Panel application has been optimized to help you efficiently design electrical cabinets in the 3D environment. Its intuitive and pleasant interface will help you very quickly after opening. This kind of application is essential for cabinet designers cooperating with diagram designers using SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical Expert.

  • Cabinet layout designing feature is the main possibility for the cabinet designers. You can design quickly and with high quality by using an included, extensive database of 3D symbols and electrical references.
  • User can download electrical diagram project made in SEE Electrical Expert or SEE Electrical, retrieve all elements from them and use the listed 3D symbols on mounting plate, doors, rails. User can import data from the others electrical system too, by using xml exchange file. 
  • Automatic routing of electrical wires is a really important function, giving you confidence. in the quality of the cabling.
  • All needed manufacturing outputs, like list From>>To, are important if you need to cooperate with marking machines companies.
SEE Features


  • Improved Quality by streamlining the flow of electrical diagrams with cabinet layouts design with using the same electrical database.
  • Improved Efficiency by saving time on the stage of designing and manufacturing the electrical cabinet.
  • Improved Productivity thanks to the automatic functions, like wire routing and list generation of manufacturing lists.
SEE 3D Panel

SEE Electrical 3D Panel is the important application for companies designing and producing electrical cabinets. It is particularly useful for manufacturers of electrical cabinets, mass-produced based on repeatable elements.

SEE 3D Panel

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