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Arc Flash Electrical Work Permits & Data Sheets

Electrical Work Permits

According to the latest NFPA 70E “Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace”, work permits may be required when performing electrical work on energized equipment. Electrical work permits include shock hazard and arc flash analysis results. Annex J of the NFPA 70E standard provides an example of a work permit and it also has guidelines as to when one is required based on the type of work and equipment condition. If a work permit is required, the arc flash analysis software can print one directly using the worst case incident energy results. The work permits also include other information pertinent to safe work practices and other arc flash analysis related information.

  • Customize work permits to fit the requirements of each project and/or arc flash analysis guidelines.
  • Manage and save energized work permits for every equipment location where energized work may be required.
  • Find the safest mode of operation for electrical maintenance work or issue the work permit based on the worst case scenario.
  • The arc flash analysis software also provides a “Job Briefing and Planning Checklist” which is attached to the work permit.
  • The work permit also includes the PPE information which was entered into the arc flash analysis software based on the incident energy calculated

Arc Flash Data Sheets

The arc flash analysis data sheet is an enhanced version of the arc flash calculation input study parameters report. It gives a detailed description of the input data and study selections made for performing the Arc Flash Analysis Studies. The arc flash analysis data sheets are a great way to communicate all the calculation assumptions used by the engineer to obtain the arc flash results for any location.

  • The data sheets can be customized to fit your analysis needs
  • Arc Flash Analysis Data Sheets include warnings about abnormal conditions detected by the software. They can be used to provide a summary of the problems and results at the same time.
  • Data Sheets can be exported to PDF and other formats.
  • Data Sheets also serve the purpose of communicating arc flash analysis methodology used for the calculations.

Arc Flash Work Permit & Data Sheet