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Arc Flash Result Analyzer

Arc Flash Result Analyzer is a time-saving software tool that compares and filters various arc flash analysis reports coming from different scenarios in a single display. The Arc Flash Result Analyzer can also compare arc flash calculation results from different projects within the same file directory.

The Arc Flash Result Analyzer tool is included with the arc flash hazard assessment software. Compare the results from the arc flash hazard assessment such as general information about the project or more specific information such as the results from buses, protective devices, or load terminals in an arc flash study. 

Arc Flash Result Analyzer

  • Sort results from different arc flash analysis studies by multiple criteria
  • Find the worst-case arc flash analysis results
  • Quickly identify & isolate mis-coordination caused by arc flash currents
  • The arc flash analysis software automatically determines which protective devices failed to operate
  • Filter out & analyze the arc flash calculation results by sorting by Energy Level.
  • Filter out all equipment with arcing current (% Ia) variation problems
  • Locate & adjust slow responding protective devices
  • Export customized arc flash analysis results to MS Excel reports
  • Arc flash analysis results in Metric or English units
  • Color code & filter arc flash analysis results by various categories
  • Determine the arc flash analysis results for low voltage
  • The arc flash analysis software allows the creation of custom arc flash safety labels from the arc flash results analyzer
  • Share arc flash analysis results and labels with individuals who do not have ETAP.
  • The arc flash data sheets summarize the assumptions used to generate the arc flash analysis results.
  • User-definable work permits are automatically linked with the worst case arc flash analysis results.
  • 64-bit data table for faster and reliable operation
  • Display IEC and user-defined arc flash reports for comparison
  • Display Equipment name, Location and Tag#
  • Show User-defined correction factors for both incident energy and arc current
  • Updated custom labels based on new standards
  • Sequence of operation for IEC Arc flash reports from analyzer
  • Sorting and filtering for each column of the table

ETAP Arc Flash Result Analyzer